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Can you get HIV/AIDS from anal sex?

Alright well first off, i for one though this was completely wrong. But just to safe i would like to know this:

If you and your partner have anal sex [being each other firsts, no other partners] can you get HIV/AIDs? I ask because i know that, that hole is very dirty and because my b/f thinks that you can. Is this true? Please tell me with and without a condom, all the details please. I'd really like to figure out every inch of this.

&& Please be as mature as you can, i dont want anyone's ignorant answers and what you think about it. This is something i must know for my boyfriend and I, i dont want to risk his or my life by doing something such as this. I know that you can get an anal prolapse from to much and how to do this all. Also, that you're not meant to have anal sex at that because it is actually an exit. I just want to know about possible HIV/AIDs, infections, STDs..those kind of things. Thank you. :]

Assuming you are both truly HIV negative, no anal sex can not 'generate' HIV/AIDS. AIDS is a virus, you cannot generate a virus through anal sex. The only way to get it is if the virus is present there to begin with.... meaning one of you has it and doesn't know it.

I would advise you both to get tested for all STDs--you don't have to have sex to catch an STD.

Homosexuals didn't spontaneously generate HIV. Your body is incapable of CREATING viruses--only spreading them. Saying homosexuals created HIV is a homophobic statement and has no basis in science whatsoever. Male homosexuals are a high risk group for HIV/AIDS, but it does not mean they created it.

Definately. Homosexuals were the first ones to contract the disease back in the 80s.

Angolia is partially right. The homosexuals did not create the
virus but they are a high risk category.

Regardless use protection.

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