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Swollen glands..Getting worry about it plz help me...?

Well I burned my palate on December 18 and I had my palate really burned so when I ate something it hurt and was really unconfortable and I had it like that until like December 24... Well the next day I woke up with my glands on my neck really swollen and my eyes hurt and all this went away around December 27.. and I thought that infection was because of the burn on my palate... So new years and everything was great

But yesterday January 3 I woke up with my glands swollen again, my uncle that is a doctor says that its the same infection from the palate that I didnt treat it like I was supposed too... But Im also taking Bactrim (antibiotic) and I think I got allergic to it today because I developed a rash, so I was itching today plus the glands swollen.. My uncle that is a doctro says everything is ok that they would come back to normal soon but his leaving tomorrow on a trip so I need to go to another doctor..

Today I was also reading and Im getting worried because it says that the swollen glands could also be symptopms of HIV and Im 17 and I dont think I have this disease but I need to accept that I had sexual relationships about 11 months without any protection... So Im getting really worried..

So what do you guys think? it could be an infection from the burn palate? which I hope it is.. or could be munonucleosis or soemthing else?

It's doubtful that HIV could progress that quickly, especially since you seem to be pretty healthy. You probably just have the infection like your uncle said, and the treatment just suppressed it for a little bit and then came back when you got off it. You should definitely see a doctor, though, and get checked for all STDs while you're at it.

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