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As so many RC priests have already died of AIDS, should homosexual or bisexual priests use condoms for sex.?

According to the Times (of London) by the year 2000 more then 200 American RC priests had died of AIDS. Nearly all of them were still ordained priests at the time of their death. They had not been dismissed or quit although the church obviously was aware of their malady. It would seem most probable that these HIV clerics were infected via anal sodomy with male prostitutes or other gay clerics, as if they were intravenous drug addicts they would not be poor enough to have to share syringes. Therefore as the aforementioned 200 were undoubtedly the tip of the iceberg, should practicing gay or bisexual RC priests, & their sex partners be permitted & encouraged to use,condoms to prevent further infections of this scourge. An added advantage is that if condoms were used, the child victims of pedophile priests would be at least protected from AIDS (there are many recorded cases of pedophile RC priests infecting their victims*).
Please note that this questioned is offered in good faith and in the spirit of intellectual honesty and no offense is intended to anyone, especially gay HIV positive RC priests or other Christians, however Christian apologist answers are inappropriate to this question and are not sought.

* The Times (of London), an extremely highly regarded newspaper for it's objectivity and accuracy.

"The Times (of London), an extremely highly regarded newspaper for it's objectivity and accuracy."
That maybe true BUT you still need to supply a link otherwise you're still a gossip.

This question appears to have no purpose other than to revile gay people. The Bible warns us the revilers are not going to Heaven.

Perhaps instead of focusing on 200 priests, you should focus on the millions of infected heterosexuals in Africa or other places in the world?

the times of london, n.y times and the time magazine are all well known catholic bashers. when offered proof of public school teachers and baptist pastors involved in sexual abuses of children, the articles were shelved. where shall i send you your grain of salt.

Well the Vatican and certain Catholic missionaries seem to be under the delusion that condoms actually cause AIDS.

That bit of misinformation may be part of the problem.

The CDC disagrees with them. I agree with the CDC.

Apperantly the bible is also a highly regarded newspaper amonst the christians.. and we know the bible is full of sh it...

They make remote-controlled priests now?!?

Boy, what a time-saver that must be for the giant spider that controls the Vatican...

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