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How did I get Thrush (oral yeast infection) as an adult?

I went to the doctor today thinking I had strep throat. I was diagnosed as having Thrush. How would I have gotten this. I am 27 and in good health. I have NO chronic conditions, diabetes, or HIV. And no, I have not performed any sex acts that could cause this. Any thoughts.... I'm dumbfounded.

Sometimes yeast just thrives in one part of your body. Its like a yeast don't necessarily have to have anything down there to get a yeast infection. Have you been on antibiotics recently? Anything that upsets the natural balance of good bacteria in your body can make yeast thrive.

If you're worried about having it again, just make sure you eat a lot of yogurt or take acidopholous pills.

Here are some of the symptoms:

1. Loosing weight suddenly.
2. Frequent urination.
3. Always very thirsty.
4. Dire need to eat, always hungry.
5. Blurred vision.
6. Itching of the skin.
7. Numbness in extremities (arms & lags).
8. Slow healing of wounds.
9. Vaginal yeast infection.
10. Fatigue.
11. Irritability and changes in ones mood.

These are only indicative and not conclusive. Sometimes diabetes can be without symptoms also. You will be said to have diabetes if you sugar level remains high normally. It is confirmed by testing your blood and urine sugar levels after an overnight fast and again after food/sugar syrup. If there is no sugar in your urine it is called diabetes insipidus.

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