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Oral thrush won't go away?

My oral thrush won't go away. I don't have diabetes, cancer, or HIV/AIDS. So basically there's no reason for why my immune system would be down. I am not sexually active and I have not been on any antibiotics. I take culturelle (a probiotic) and tons of vitamins so my immune system should be perfect. why won't it go away? i have taken nystatin for the past 3 weeks and i'm almost out of the bottle and there's no refills because this is supposed to be a simple infection that should go away in a couple of days. Im going to the doctor once I run out of the medication but does anyonee have any idea as to why it's not going away?

but it's pretty obvious symptoms.. white gooey stuff all over my tongue. at first it hurt to swallow.. felt like someone cut my tongue about a billion times. what else could it be besides thrush??

You mentioned it hurt when you swallowed and tongue hurting, I had these same symtoms but I had white stuff on my gums also and a bad taste, just a nasty feeling in my mouth when I wake up. Finally after about 3 years or longer I was told I had tonsiilloliths, it's a chronic condition of the tonsils where chemicals mixed with food particles and some other medical things mixed in, which get inside of your tonsils and collects until basically you clean your tonsils out yourself. Now I have had a few really bad outside puss infected tonsil infections in the past so it just mutilated my tonsils and I have holes and crevices on my tonsils. So I basically was told I had to clean out my own tonsils for the rest of my life. That's where the white gooey stuff came from while sleeping and before I brushed my teeth. I was also told I can't have my tonsils out because of my age and that's the only cure for this. I found that a mouthwash made by biotene or called biotene and I get the green labeled one. They have a few different kind and this one works the best for me. Hope this helped and at least you have a new thing to ask your doctor. I had to research this myself and my doctor sucked. So if your not getting any results change doctors, I did.

maybe somethin else

If the nystatin did not work, perhaps you do not have an oral yeast infection. Have your doctor take a culture.

get your teeth look at

I'm no expert...but I'd definately have a sample taken...then you'd know for certain. You're doc should be interested in knowig with certainty. If it's not thrush, perhaps it's a type of strep?

BTW, I get it too (not as bad as you described, but recurrent)and I have no immune problems...I think I've linked it to either eating very acidic foods and the type of toothpaste I was using which had an antibiotic in it). Who knows why for certain though. Best of luck.

You should better consult your doctor immediately. Let him decide what actually has happened to you. Trying 'over the counter' drug/s one after another upon assumption or suggestion from others is not a good idea to solve a problem like this.

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