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Scary Dental Visit?

Today, I went to see the dentist for a dental cosmetic procedure. While waiting for my turn, I saw my dentist having a cup of coffee and reading the paper in the lounge. I can't help but noticed a huge patch of pinkish, peeling skin on his arms, especially around the elbow but they were not bleeding (I guess). They look like some sort of skin disease, perhaps tinea or some fungal infection but they didn't come into contact with my mouth or face. My main concern is his hepatitis and hiv status. Shall I call him up and ask him what's going on with his arms or shall I voice my concern to the health department?

Please advice thanks!

Whoa, stop the bus, what does an elbow irritation have to do with Hepatitis or HIV????
First of all, I would tell you if you trust this dentist enough to go to him, than just ask him, "did you hurt your elbow?" or "wow, what happened to your elbow" to call in the health department because he has a skin irritation on a highly mobile area is just a tad overboard.
Have you looked around the office, are his operatories clean and professional? Are the staff members wearing appropriate attire, are the instruments bagged and sterilized.
Your DDS may have had just a busy day before you got there and may have needed to take a break, no crime there.
If you trust your dentist that little find a new one.
Remember dentists are people too, they put there pants on one leg at a time and they skin their elbows like anyone else. Some may be a little frumpy, some are fat and ugly, some are absolutely gorgeous, but don't throw them under the bus because of it. Do more research, talk to his staff when in for your visits, look around at office cleanliness, notice how many times the phone rings to see how busy they are, glance at his schedule if you can, watch, listen and learn, you will do yourself and him a favor.

That would be an awkward situation, having to ask him. To me atleast. But I guess if its important to you, I would probaly ask him first rather than call the HD.

I think I would ask the dentist....if he doesn't offer a satisfactory answer - then you can take it further. There are a lot of skin issues people can have - but HIV and Hepatitis aren't typically skin issues.....but can lead to other types of break downs in the body.

Be upfront. If he's reputable he should be able to answer you honestly.

Good luck

I dont think you should over react about it. It maybe a non-contagious skin disease. A dentist or any medical doctor will always put the health of his patients before him/her. All medical professionals are aware of the consequences if they break a rule concerning such matters, especially HIV and AIDS...these diseases would suspend the dentist from performing his /her job and its most likely that your dentist doesnt have them. If your dentist was honest in his job, he would have told the health dept about any condition. So i suggest you dont worry.

he may be peeling from a sunburn, maybe he didn't notice that it was showing, did he wear a lab coat during the procedure? I am sure he wore gloves, reporting him to the health department could cause a lot of concern, if you are really concerned call his office and tell them what you saw and would like to ease your mind. A lot of people have psoriasis but this may look scary and bad it is not contagious. If you are that uncomfortable the change dentists but remember normal looking people with no outward signs can have HIV or Hep. so as to say never judge a book by it cover holds true.

my brother in law has the same thing no need to worry it is a skin disease. but if it would make you more comfy call and ask no harm.

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