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Transfer of germs.?

is it possible to catch a seriuos disease or illness if your skin touches a drink (tea, coffee, ) which has already been drunk by a person with an infecton e.g. hiv, aids etc

or if you share drinks with infected ppl can it cause infection??

First, it depends on the disease. You are much more likely to catch something less serious, like a cold, through the means you describe. There are no cases that I'm aware of where HIV/AIDS has been transferred by touching something the infected person touched. Like your Mama probably told you, the best defense is to wash your hands frequently, especially when around someone contagious.

It is "possible" in theory that you could acquire HIV/AIDS by drinking something the infected drank IF drunk immediately after the person did.

No. The cold/flu virus is the only germ that can survive outside of the human body for any period of time. If you drink out of a glass that someone with a cold or flu has drunk out of...then yes, you can get it. But that's it.

Everything else dies almost on contact. You are not going to catch ANYTHING by touching a liquid that was in a glass, drank out of by someone with AIDS.

Mr Khan, this is conceivable perhaps but very unlikely. Your skin is a barrier to germs, a very effective barrier. Possibly if your skin has open cuts or sores, and if the drink has been sitting in a warm place for a while. But very unlikely.

If you share drinks, maybe yes. Not HIV. That has to pass through sores or cuts into your bloodstream, or through the mucous tissues of the eurythra (the hole in your penis) or vagina or anus.

The HIV virus likely would die in the stomach acids. More likely you'd catch a cold or a stomach virus, which strangely enough seems to be stronger and more adaptable to the stomach acids.

But don't take my word for it. Do your homework. Talk to a medical professional. I am an Emergency Medical Technician and trained in Combat First Response, but you should talk to some doctors, nurses, or other trained and experienced medical personnel.

Remember that fear is a worse virus than the actual HIV virus. If you are infected with fear, your whole system will be weaker.

Since the onset of the AIDS (HIV) epidemic, there has been no known or reported cases of anyone contracting the disease from casual contact.

Since the disease is spread through body fluids, as are most diseases, the sharing of untensils and drinking glasses allows the potential of coming in contact with saliva. Though, I reiterate again, there are no know cases of contracting this way, it is always best to take precautions. Don't share items which contain your hygienic DNA. This will also help reduce contracting any flu and other viruses.

I think not...Most of those germs/virsus can not live outside the body. Plus those mentioned are transfered by fluid transfer and not by touch. I suppose there may be a small...Like really small...Chance that if they had a cut on thier mouth...and you have a open wound on your finger...maybe...but I think that your chances are better getting hit by a metorite

If u touch a drink that has been drunk by a person with HIV, u will not catch HIV. It is transmitted through blood and body fluids. If u were to touch infected blood and u had an open cut on ur hand, u might catch it. If u have sex with an infected partner, u can catch it. Drs say that there is a small amount of HIV present in the saliva of an infected person, but there is no documentation that a person has been infected that way. Here is some good info on how it is transmitted.

you cant get aids in that way. only by blood and genital secretions. with herpes yes, with hepatitis is very possible (but not 100%) in other ways no with skin touch. but if you drink in the same cup that the person, and you dint washed the cup, you can get something like common cold, flu, but not aids.

you must understand that there are some diseases which can be transferred via body secretions. some can be by bodily contact, some by needle pricks, some still can be gotten thru prolong contacts with the sick person.

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