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Does kissing different girls causes spread of STD's or HIV?

hi,i m 19.i hv kissed a lot of girls in my college.i m afraid that whether kissing different people can cause any infection to me.

common kissing never leads to STD or HIV. Just chill!!!
HIV is spread only if you have intercourse(inserting your penis inside her vagina) with another HIV person only and not with a normal person.
If you are going for intercourse go for good quality condoms to prevent the mixture of your and her fluids secreation through which these disease spread because you may never know whether the front person in infected with HIV

If they have herpes, that something to worry about. Other then that, your probably fine. But I think you could get Mono by kissing someone with it. Look it up.

possibly herpes or other viruses. stick to kissing and do lots of it. it get confusing when you do more.

Its all circumstantial.. there is a risk, but HIV is a very unlikely one.


Yes it can, if their mouth or saliva is infected. The most common diseases spread by kissing are mono, the flu, and fever blisters (lower form of herpes).

Dear one, no, it does not. However, it does spread the rumour that you are a whore.

Mono may be- the kissing disease, but not Hiv or Aids or any STD'S. They are only spread by sexual contact.

no unless she <<<<( hopefully not he ) doesn't have crusty lips and bleeds or cut on the tongue

The chances of spreading any STD, especially HIV, by kissing are minimal.

However, there is always risk in any sexual activity.

It's a funny thing. The more catastrophic a disease is, the more infectious people think it is. That's why people are so afraid of AIDS.

I'd be more worried about herpes, which can be spread by kissing even in the absence of lesions.

The main concern is herpes which can spread to the mouth. Normally this only occures when there is an outbreak but there have been several cases that occured without an outbreak. HIV is normally not a concern unless there is a cut inside the mouth. Most cases it's safe.

no the4re's no harm in kissing any number os girls...dont worry..

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