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Why are gay males more prone to the HIV virus?

I've never actually known the answer to this, is it that there is less risk of infection through vaginal intercourse?

None of them answer the question. HIV IS spread more through homosexuality. And it must be due to greater risk of infection through anal intercourse.

Gay males aren't more promiscuous either. There are plenty of slags out there.

Where there is an exchange of body fluids semen or vaginal fluid there is a chance of passing on the HIV virus. A woman can quite easily pass on HIV through vaginal mucous secretions as a man is giving it to a woman through semen. The only difference between homosexual and heterosexual sex is that the vagina was made specifically for intercourse. The anus is not. If two men or saying that a man and woman engage in anal intercourse the risk of a small fissure or a tear on the wall of the recutum/anus is increased greatly so allowing for ease of infection and passing on the HIV virus. Saying that the gay media are very HIV and AIDS aware and condoms are promoted widespread. The problem is that the same sort of information has not been filtered down to the heterosexual community so naivly they think they are somehow "immune" seeing HIV as a gay disease when it isn't at all. My advice would be at all time for vaginal or anal intercourse - USE A CONDOM.

They aren't more prone. There is an equal risk of infection through vaginal intercourse.

It has to do with blood sharing. A homosexual male is the most at risk due to anal penetration and the risk of tears and mixing of semen with blood products.

my cousin got hiv aids and died.
and he was gay

They're not - it's just anti-gay propaganda. HIV does not know if someone is gay, straight, black, white, Indian, Mexican, male, female, young or old. It is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids - blood, saliva, semen, vaginal secretion. HIV does not discriminate - only people do.

The AIDS virus was first spread thru traumatic sex which is what gay men do?

ha ha ha no way? I done think so I think gay sex must be safer but its still pretty gay

MYTH! You can't be prone to a virus, as it's carried in fluid it's not genetic! If you have unprotected sex with anyone in any way who has HIV you are at risk

I think there are two reasons. One is that, as a generalisation, gay men tend to have more sexual partners and so naturally the risk is increased. Secondly, if anal sex is practised without a condom the risk of passing infection is greater, should one of the partners be HIV + because the lining of the anus is more prone to bleeding during sex than the vagina.

I want you to read these two articles. Actually Black women are the highest risk.. GOD wear condoms people!!! a

And then you have women getting it more period than gays... So it started out as a gay disease, theories that it was in a vaccine that the US gov had gays take so it made that community infected.

ur not more likely to catch aids if ur homosexual at all if u have unprotected sex with anybody with the HIV virus be it male or female then u have a good chance of catchin it!!! back in the sixties when it was still being recognised scare mongers reported it coming from homosexuals.

wow, ok some people need to get educated about HIV, no wonder its spreading at this rate. The answer to your question - which some people have rightly said - is that it spreads quicker through men because men tend to have ANAL sex.... ur anus is not made for sex, and so when ur doing it, u get tears, u bleed much more easily than a women's vagina, and thus HIV from a man's pre *** / normal ***, can get straight into your blood. Always get tested and use condoms.

You hit the nail on the head.
Gay men are slightly more likely to get HIV because the activities they engage in are not what nature normally designed them to do. A mans rectum simply does not do the anatomical function that a womans vagina does, and therefore runs a higher risk of damage The probability of breaking blood vessels is higher with gay male sex then it is with normal heterosexual sex where the parts are designed for lubrication, or with lesbians who obviously do not have the....appendage to do it with. They may GET an appendage, but latex alone has not been shown to carry Sorry, I couldn't help it.
In any case, the increase of exposure to blood is the primary reason.

Realistically Gay males are not more prone to HIV. It was the gay population that was hardest hit by HIV that made the news, but at the same exact time the Haitian intravenous drug users were getting infected at a equal rate. It was the Gay's that were the original founders of treatment centers, community service organizations, and educating others about how HIV was spread.

The highest populations in the United States that are becoming infected are young African American men, African American women- because they trust their male partners who are either doing drugs or having sex with men, people over 50 and young gay men (30 and under) that have not watched their Friends die from AIDS.

Unprotected vaginal intercourse is just as risky as unprotected anal intercourse. Both areas can hold the HIV virus for up to 5 days- which allows a long time for the virus to find a point of entry into the body.

Its natures way of getting rid of those that cannot pro-create naturally

Think about it.

yes .when they bum each other they can tear the skin on their knob.

Cos anal sex is more likely to involve blood transmission.

Also - most gayos are druggies and that's another route of transmitting the AIDS virus

Lets's not overlook the obvious. Maybe the fact that A) they are promiscuous and that B) men's botties are dirty, might have something to do with it?

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