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If you have trichomoniasis if undetected can it turn into hiv?

i just found out that my boyfriend have trichomoniasis and i have not had sex with no one but him for the past two years and i am worried that i had it before so being that it has been so long can the infection turn into hiv

Trichomonas vaginalis - Trichomonas causes infection in the vagina in women and in the urethra in men. Rarely, the infection can be passed on by sharing towels, washcloths or hot baths, but in most cases it is transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse.

Men often have no symptoms. If they do, they may include pain or burning when passing urine and a thin white discharge from their penis that stains underwear.

Trichomonas can affect sexually active people of all ages. Practising safer sex by using condoms can reduce the risk of infection. If one partner has the infection, the other should be tested and treated if necessary.

The new antimicrobial called 'New Silver Solution' has been tested against Trichomonas vaginalis and kills the parasite at just 10ppm strength of solution. It is non-toxic and does not cause damage to the immune system, unlike antibiotics.

The full test list is available here:

It is called Vaginitis in women.

Hope that helps you...

NO! One infection doesn't magically transform into another. They are caused by two completely different organisms. Trichomoniasis is not a virus it is a parasite. HIV is a virus. Use a condom!

no honey , Tric can not turn into HIV.
Trich-is a protozoan that causes greenish yellow discharge bad odor soreness itching and painful urination. It is transmitted by fingers,douching equipment,dildos that have been used during an active infection. See a doctor with your partner and both get treated to prevent reinfecting each other.
HIV is a virus that can gain entrance to the body through the mouth vagina rectum open cut or sores as well as through IV needle use.

Tric turning into HIV would be like having and apple in you purse and leaving it there for a week when you take it out it is still an apple probably old and nasty but its an apple not a grape.

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