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Do you think that nail salons can contribute to Hep C and HIV infections?

Have you ever been cut in a nail salon from the drill bits or files that they use on everyone? Do you look the other way thinking that the instruments have not been sterilized, or that it seems that they haven't? Shouldn't there be a sign that says, "WE STERILIZE?"
This is something that has been bothering me since I started getting my nails done and have been cut so many times. I realize that I try to find the best price and it's my own fault. I've just been thinking differently since the endoscopy situation.

Since HCV is a blood-borne virus, it can鈥攁t least in theory鈥攂e transmitted by contaminated personal items, such as razors or nail care equipment. Any equipment used by manicurists, estheticians, barbers and cosmetologists that may come into contact with blood may transmit the virus. This can happen when a small amount of HCV-containing blood鈥攅ven a tiny amount that is too small to see鈥攕tays on the equipment after it is used on one person, and then comes into contact with the bloodstream (through a cut or other open area on the skin) or mucous membranes (such as mouth or nostrils) of another person on whom the same equipment is later used. Personal equipment that is shared between persons and that can come into contact with blood and spread HCV includes tattooing and body piercing needles and other equipment; cuticle scissors, nail files, and emery boards; razors and hair clippers; hair removal tools such as tweezers and electrolysis equipment; and even hair-cutting scissors and combs.

The transmission of hepatitis through personal care procedures has not been well studied. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not reported documented cases of HCV being transmitted this way. Nevertheless, the agency issued health and safety guideline for personal care professionals in 1985. State laws regarding health and safety standards in personal care settings vary widely. The California Department of Health Services recently released a report about a woman whose only known risk factor for getting hepatitis C was regular visits to a nail salon.

As Stephanie said, (and this is something we, as a support group, recommend to newly diagnosed people) you should take your own nail tools to the salon and have them use only your tools on you, so as not to spread disease.
Hope this answers your question. Best wishes.

I would never go to a nail salon that wasn't clean - do research - and if I have a cut or scab I will not go. I think you can catch some kind of infection.....I love having my nails done too - but sometimes I hold my breathe and pray.

i never thought of this sitsuation i think its very possible for infecion to spread this way

Manicures that make your fingers bleed are a risk factor for Hepatitis C.

Nail salons clean their instruments with a blue solution that does NOT kill the Hepatitis C virus. And the hepatitis C virus can live on surfaces for many days. Plus, it takes a very small amout of blood to transmit the hep C virus. I takes a much larger amount to transmit the HIV virus.

Buy your own manicure instruments and ask them to use them whenever you get a manicure.

the only way to make sure hcv infection (or others) are minimized is to purchase your own tools and nail polish.

many people get hcv infection from going to salons!

Yes they can. some dont use proper cleaning tecniques with the tools and such. Make sure you find a salon that clens thier tools and you can ask them if they seem offened then dont use them. try a higher end salon and even a spa.

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