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Are shingles really a sign that I have HIV??? Please help?

I'm a young person (I like to think healthy young person) but recently my doctor prescribed me with shingles. So I looked at some websites and said that it was rare to have it at a young age anyway, and then it said "Shingles also may be an early signal of HIV infection, especially when it occurs in a younger person" is this true?? Does taht mean I'm not healthy?

No it is not a sign. Your body may produce an immune responce to Shingles or in other words, Herpes zoster, that could potentually raise the antibody level that may register on the HIV tests. Why they say shingles might be "sign of HIV" - could be the other way around. Hiv tests dont detect actual virus. just antibodies.

Please be very careful and get all the information you can. You're doingthe right thing by researching. dont stop.

The only conclusive way to know if you have HIV is if you take a test. Unless you've had unprotected sex recently (or not so recently), chances are you'll be fine. And even if you havent, taking the test will bring a hopeful reassurance of mind it sounds like you need.

it doesn't mean that ur not healthy. did u have chicken pox when u were young???? if you didn't this might be a reason why you have shingles. I don't think it has anything to do with you having HIV. I never had chicken pox so i think i am at risk for having shingles, hopefully not though. hope this helps.

Not necessarily. Chicken pocks never really go away, they just lay dormant in your system. Shingles is the chicken pock sequel. If you've had chicken pocks, and your immune system takes a dip, or experience some hormonal changes, you can end up with shingles. If you've been involved in some risky business you should go get checked out, just for your sanity, and everyone else's.

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