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Can a man contract HIV from sucking a woman's breasts during intercourse?

Mother to child HIV infection occurs during breastfeeding. What are the chances of a grown man getting infected from sucking a girlfriend or wive's breasts during foreplay? Are there other diseases one can similarly contract?

Yes - HIV can be transmitted through direct contact with the blood or body fluid of someone who is infected with the virus, so it is possible to contract HIV from sucking a woman's breast if the woman is HIV+, especially if she is producing breast milk.

Studies have proven beyond any doubt that breast milk as well as other bodily fluids (blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, vaginal fluid, other body fluids containing blood, cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and the spinal cord, synovial fluid surrounding bone joints, amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus) from a HIV+ person carry the risk of infection when passed onto someone else. Newborns that are breastfeeding are at a greater risk, but adults can also become infected in this manor as well. There are no studies I have found that show the specific amount of risk of HIV being contracted through adult mouth/breast contact.

the only way you can contract HIV for someone you are kissing or sucking on is if for you to consume 1 gallon of there bodily fluids..So i dont think you have anything to worry about SUCK AWAY...LOL

I doubt it's a possibility, but better to be safe than sorry. Maybe if you spit it in a bucket, and rinse your mouth with antiviral mouthwash. I doubt that it's a possibility.

yes he can get by doing that only if his partner has hiv

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