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Can an HIV positive still gain weight after infection?

Can an HIV positive still gain weight after infection?

Yes, it's just incredibly unlikely. The massive weight loss is an effect of the body battling the large influx of diseases, and HIV/AIDS cripples the immune system, which would weaken the body's ability to defend itself (vicious circle).

Sure...look at Magic Johnson. He's put a few pounds on.....

Si, un portador de HIV no es un enfermo as铆 que puede ganar peso sin problema.

They are relatively healthy if they take their meds and see the doctor there should be no reason why they would not gain weight, just look at magic Johnson, hes maintained and gained some weight since the discovery of his HIV.

The simple answer is yes, of course.
However, there are much more fundamental questions you should be asking yourself, such as why am I being forced to take highly toxic, dangerous drugs that will only accelerate the course of this "disease"?

Try reading Phillip Day's excellent book "The truth about HIV", as a starter - I guarantee you'll be shocked by how much it differs from the pharmaceutical-generated nonsense you hear on the TV.
Hope this helps
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No HIV do not have releation with gaining weight.

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