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What are the cares to be taken ao avoid HIV infections in homosex?

i am a homosexual.i want to know about hiv infections in they r susseptable for infectons, how to prevent them etc.....

Go to that says:

"How can I lower my risk of HIV infection?
Practicing safe sex and avoiding high-risk behaviors are the keys to protecting yourself from HIV. This begins with understanding that there is a risk of transmission any time infected blood, semen, vaginal secretions or breast milk are exchanged. By limiting the possibility of these fluids entering your bloodstream, you are lowering the possibility of HIV infection. You can achieve this by limiting the number of people you have sex with, never sharing needles with anyone at any time and avoiding the use of alcohol or drugs before having sex. Drugs and alcohol may influence your decision and may reduce your ability to practice safer sex.

Safe sex involves using a latex condom or latex square (dental dam) for sexual activities -- when used properly, latex is an effective barrier against the spread of HIV. In addition, the use of lubricants should be limited to water-based only, as oil-based lubricants can break down latex condoms within seconds of use. "

I had a friend in 1983, he contracted the aids virus and died the next year....Good Luck on your research!

um.....ur talking about having sexual realtions outside of a marriage??? look out for the will be condemned to hell....sinner....its God's plan.....Let us Pray

rot in hell

bodily fluid exchange is a risk, so use protection and odn't exchange fludis and you should be fine.

Use a condom at all times for anal and oral sex.

Stay away from homosex...

ABSTINENCE!!!!!!! but if u cant keep it in ur pants, then always use a condom, and get tested regularly, like every 6 months.... be careful!

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS USE A CONDOM!!!!!!!! Get you and your partner checked. Try not to have one night stands and really immature dumb stuff like that.

unproperly and without precaution is give hiv

During homosexual act always ask active partner to wear condom, know hiv status of partner,wen perform oral still use condom,no one night stand.GOLDEN RULE IS CONDOM

DON'T HAVE SEX AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i read some where aids, hiv originaly started by homo...plse try natural sraight sex

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