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Can you get HIV from Hand Job. I got a Infection from Hand JOb. Please Help?

I went to a massage palor and got a massage and a hand job with massage oil. Few hours later, I started having burning symptomes.

Next day went to the doc and gave me cipro, the pain stop. Doc said, it might of been my prostate, since I went to the urologist she did a Swab test for Chlamedia (Sp) and Ureplasma and it was negative.

My concern is, can you get HIV in such matter, I think I may of have had a rash on my penis . . I think.

I am very scared, please help ?


Pretty much the only way you could contract HIV from a hand job would be if you had some sort of open wound on your penis and the person giving you the hand job had an open cut on the hand they were jerkin you with - letting the infected blood into your system. The odd, well i don't even Want to try to compute them but it's probably up there with getting struck by lighting. More than likely its an reaction to something in the oil or from the friction of the hand job itself. Good Luck with that tho.

HIV is not a rash.

Possibly you had a bad reaction to the oil?

no. impossible

you cant get HIV from a hand job... no way. It transmitted through body fluids ie- sex, needle sharing, not hand to penis contact

You might not get HIV, but you will have pain every time you have sex. It will never go away completely.

no. HIV is from exchanging body fluids or from blood. sounds like you had an allergic reaction to the massage oil. (or body fluids and blood mixing). you have nothing to worry about concerning your experience at the massage parlor.

no, hand to genital contact is no risk, you had perfectly safe sex, a burning sensation is simply from friction from the skin to skin contact, you cannot get any STD from a handjob, you're negative, and there's no need for testing, no STD symptoms ever appear that quickly anyway.

No you can nont

No. U may have been allergic to the oil. and Cipro is for a Urinary tract infection.

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