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Can someone get HIV acute infection 3.5 or more months after they're infected?

or is it always about 2 to 6 weeks after infection that "acute infection" occurs?

Technically, acute or primary infection lasts from the point of infection until the blood seroconverts and begins to create antibodies (up to 3 months in 99% of cases).

The symptoms that MAY appear around 2-4 weeks after infection have been given the name: acute retroviral syndrome. Which I am assuming is what you are referring to.

I suppose it is possible for acute retroviral symptoms to be delayed (if they appear at all) but in a VERY small percentage. Those who are immune compromised already from chemo/radiation, steroids for transplant recipients, etc. , can take longer to seroconvert and therefore may show signs of ARS later on, but it is very rare.

Remember, not everyone experiences ARS, those that do have symptoms that can range from very mild to severe and the symptoms are often non-specific. If symptoms appear, they usually are self-limiting and last from 1-2 weeks, and in some cases up to a month.

Hope this helps

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