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If tooth brushes and razors are harmful to use from Hiv infection point of view, then why not touching the tap

of water tube which may contain infected semen from an Hiv positive person who has just done masturbation in the toilet and has left a slight amount of semen unwashed while touching the tap of water tube with fingers wet with infected semen?
You all claim that there is no problem in the latter situation while there is a problem in the first one of using tooth brush and razor.
What this contradiction?

Tooth brushes have a tendency to release blood cells along the gum line as they are used, even though you may not see the blood, if you use someone's brush who has HIV, those cells may transfer into your own microscopicically open wounds along your gum line. The same concept applies with razors, even though you may not actually see blood or may not feel a nick, a single blood cell may be all it takes. Our hands, however, are highly compacted with nerve endings and we generally notice a tiny nick, if you were to get semen into an open wound on your hand, your chances of transmission are higher than if you no open wounds. Tooth brushes and razors open the door for transmission of HIV and Hepatitis. General rule of thumb is not to share those items, and always wash your hands liberally after using the restroom.

see it enters only through body fluid contact that is some cuts or through open pours like mouth, nose etc. so as tap can not make a cut it is not harmful.

The HI virus dies when it comes into contact with air. Plus in order for you to get infected with this infected bodily fluid, it must pass into your blood stream through an open wound. So if you are just washing your hands, no issue. If you are drinking water, hope that you don't have an open wound in your mouth.

toothbrushes and razors arenot harmful unless you are standing next to a person who has cut themselves and you also cut your self and pt the cuts together as the hiv virus dies when it reaches the air

It's highly unlikely that you would even catch HIV off of using an infected persons toothbrush or razor (and by the way, why are you using another persons personal things?) (yuck!) YoU wouldn't get it off of the water tap either because wouldn't you wash your hands anyways? The government really needs to do a better job of informimg the public!!!!!

I dont' think that it's that harmfull... I mean the hiv is not going to live on the tooth brush that long... and razor's, unless there's blood... I would suggest reading up on it at the following sites...

As long as it doesnt come into contact with a "body cavity", or through a "cut" then the virus cant survive outside the body for very long.

Washing your hands will get rid of it...

(Also, if they person touched the faucet handles, I think you will "know" that the handle isnt dry and make SURE you take measures to protect yourself...).

I never wash my hands in a public restroom, unless I take the towel that I just dried my hands off with, then turn the water off... and, use the same towel to hold the door open, afterwards, I dispose of it, while holding the door open with my foot,and hitting the waste receptacle with the towel.

I wish you well...


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