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To get an HIV infection how much blood does the person need to come in contact with?

For an infection to happen to the person need to come in contact with large amount of blood or about a period size amount of blood is enough? Also does the blood need to be fresh like a few second old or hours old.?

senorita, I AM A DOCTOR and that man who told you saliva transmitts HIV is NOT true nither doese homosexuaity it greatens your risk but you do NOT creat HIV when participating in homosexuality that man is an IGNORANT

blood is one way HIV is spread

ANY amount of blood can give you HIV

requardless how old the blood is

also TEARS DO NOT contain HIV thats false i am a doctor i would know

that man is completely and utterly closed he knows nothing about STD's

actually most of the ways of HIV transmission are not exactly known, the risk is as high as even a small amount of saliva can also cause the infection so spread during intimate kissing, they say tears and semen have HIV virus and there is a possibility of transmission through that too. the problem is those who get infected can never tell when & how they got it (in case they did not had unprotected sex, shared needles or practice homosexuality). oral sex is also risky if one has cuts in the oral cavity.

so my friend its not the amount of blood that is important, believe very small amount that you cant even see is enough.

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