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Can swallowing someone's semen during oral sex cause HIV infection?

Needless to say, I mean the semen is from a person who is HIV positive. Also, can a surgeon's blade thats not cleaned properly cause HIV infection.

Swallowing semen is unlikely to transmit HIV unless you have any kind of opening in your mouth or throat. However, you may have tissue damage you don't know about. It's not worth the risk.

If a surgeon's blade was not cleaned properly and not sterilized, it could transmit HIV. This is very unlikely because there are very strict rules and procedures for cleaning and sterilizing surgical instruments. It is a good reason to avoid any "doctor" who does not comply with other rules like licensing requirements.

only if they are HIV positive .

Yes i hope u are lucky ill pray for u

Yes if the blade was used on a person who is HIV positive.

Yes ! After all the advertisements and publicity about HIV, u must be naive to ask such a question!!

Yup, have him wear a condom


The blade can and will... I don't know if swallowing semen will though

Yes. And to the blade question, maybe. It can get infeced if not treated right away or properly.

There is a chance you can get it if you swallow semen because it is contracted through body fluids, including saliva. And if the surgeon operated on an infected person then doesn't clean his tools and works on someone else, then yes there is a chance of getting infected. Try typing in HIV and AIDS into this search engine located on this web site. Everyone should know how it is spread so they can protect themselves against it.


well if the guy is hiv positive then of corse and the blade if that was used on someone who has hiv then yeah it can

You don't even have to swallow the sperm to get infected. Just having it in your mouth could infect you. But at least you can't get pregnant that way!

yes in both case...

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