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Is This A Possible HIV Infection?

A few days ago I was washing my hands in a public bathroom. I noticed that there was a blood mucus stuck on the sink drain (which I don't if it was HIV infected) But what worries me is that I had a very little cut on my hand. I never touched the blood mucus with my hands. But is it possible that HIV could of been passed along through the water drop splashes while washing my hands? I'm a little afraid about this, I get chills just by thinking about having possible HIV infection.

Your chances are so very small that you came in contact with the blood and that it could have had HIV in it, I would forget about it. HIV can only live for a very short period of time outside the body on a sink or any other surface anyway.
Forget about it. If you are just unable to rest without the worry go get a blood test done that will put your mind at ease.

I doubt that you could get HIV from such a casual "contact". It generally takes much more contact than that. If you are truly worried, to the point that you cannot think of anything else...get tested.

id get that checked out

There is no possible way that you could be infected this way. HIV does not survive at all, if all for long outside of the body. Iam 100% positive you are HIV negative.

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