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Can I have someone arrested for infecting me with HIV?

OK, this is a pretty messed up story but I want to know if there's anything I can do. I was sleeping with this guy and we were using condoms. At least I thought we were. I found out later that he was bragging to people (mutual friends of ours) that he had sometimes taken off the condom without me knowing and just tossed it under the bed. Then I heard from other people that know him that he has mentioned having AIDS or HIV or something. I think I remember hearing somewhere that that's a felony punishable by up to 12 years in prison, but I don't remember. Can anyone give me any information on this? Thank you.

I am not familiar with the exact wording of the California law you refer to, but I assume that if you are able to demonstrate that he (1) has AIDS, HIV, or perhaps Hepititis C, (2) was aware of his having such a disease or virus, (3) intentionally failed to use protection knowing that he could transmit the disease or virus to you, and (4) you have AIDS, HIV, or Hep. C when you did not have it before, then you can almost guarantee the police will make an arrest and refer to case to prosecutors.

However, this is much easier said than done. Just because there are suspicions or allegations based on the commentary of others is not necessarily enough for the police to be interested. They would have to investigate further to find any information needed to prosecution that you are unable to supply them with.

You may want to confer with those you have heard talking about it, and you may even want to see if you can get this guy on tape admitting to you any actions of his that may make him culpable. Emails or text messages would be great too. (IF you record him, check state law for the legality of such recordings, especially recording a telephone conversation.)

If he finished then you should have known that he wasn't using a condom. You can fell the warmth of his fluid inside of you. After that you should have stopped seeing him. Yes there are laws that are punishable by jail or even prison time for what he did to you. It would be in your best interest to call your local police and ask to speak to an officer about this matter. To answer your question, yes there are laws to protect us from people like him.

Whoa! Stop right there... You DON'T have AIDS, and neither does he. For crying out loud, go get tested to be sure, but come-on... seriously. Rumors like that are defamation of character and, in fact, a criminal offense.

Him slipping the condom off is a separate issue, and really a sleazy thing to do. If he had AIDS (which he doesn't), then it would have been a felony for him to attempt to infect you with it.

The best information I can give you on this (since you asked) is to stop having sex until you are mature enough to handle it.

It's a civil offense now and you would have to take him to civil court. Contact your local Health Department they will serve notice on him and make him give a list of everyone that he has sexual contact with. This alone is enough to ruin his day.

Good Luck

Unfortunately deciding if someone has intentionally, recklessly or accidentally transmitted HIV is not as simple as the explanations above may suggest. The divisions between each of the three categories can be very blurred, and depend largely on individual interpretation. Even after a decision has been made on what grounds to prosecute, a court may still have a hard time deciding whether to find someone guilty or not.

Did you have the test done for HIV? If you don't have it there's no case.

You also don't know if he actually has it. You noted only someone saying that.

If he didn't inform you that might be illegal in some states.

Also, why are you having anything to do with someone that crappy? He looks like a real slime ball.

I have heard that knowingly infecting someone with HIV is a felony in some states. But, right now, the bigger concern is that you need to be tested. And remember. HIV can lay dormant and undetectable for 6 months or more.

Yes if he knowingly infects you he can get in legal trouble..i think the actual name of the crime is reckless endangerment by a person with HIV..but before you get cops involved get tested!

He can get in a TON of trouble, yes a felony! What a terrible thing to do! He needs castrated!!

Get tested and get the facts before you do anything else, it would be pretty messed up if you didn't really have HIV.

Some guy in Canada has just been found guilty of murder for knowingly passing on HIV and people died.

I'm so sorry. yeah he's screwed (pardon the pun) if you want him to be, especially if you're a minor. go get tested right away

...this is starting to sound like another good example of pure crap.

First go get tested then contact ur local P D and see what that states policy is.

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