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How would you tell a person your with that your HIV positive after you have already slept with them?

Well it happened like this I had sex with this man SEVERAL TIMES, and even though we USED a condom every time, he was never aware of the fact that I am HIV positive, this happened approx. Two weeks ago, but I have yet told him about my condition. What I would like to know is, should I have told him, should I still tell him, and is this consered to be a crime, will I be in some sort of punishment, for not letting my partner know that I am HIV positive, before having PROTECTED sex. Maybe I should of just push him away and not did nothing with him even though we both wanted each other I slept with him and even though I am undetectable and doing good health wise. Should I tell him, and what could be the outcome from me not telling him before hand. Is this considered a crime.

You should always be up front about your health status. If that condom would have broke, he could have become infected. He trusted you! If he still wants to sleep with you after you tell him your status, THEN he KNOWS the risks. Then that would be by his choice.

I am sorry to hear about your health. I know life must be hard, but you have to be responsible. There are others out there with the same condition as you. If it doesn't work out with this guy, then try some HIV web searches to find someone that can relate to you.

It's for sure a crime to sleep with someone and not tell them you are hiv positive but I'm not sure how that works with protected sex..It may be diff..You prob should have told him though even though that would possibly scare him off but. Yeah it's not right to do what you did..It is def a crime if you ask someone you've slept with if they have something and they lie to you and say they do not..but really do don't make that mistake

I'm glad to hear that you are in good health. I pray that you stay that way and I hope your being honest about using protection everytime. With that being said... tell him. He deserves to know what he's dealing with early on. I don't know if its a crime if you used protection, but if you didn't use protection it should be and probably is in some states. Please do the right thing... Be honest and ALWAYS, ALWAYS use protection.

Yes it is a crime to have sexual contact with a person and not tell them that you are HIV positive prior to contact. It is considered to be sexual assault.

i understand maybe ur embarassed but sweety u need to let him know. thats wrong if not. just tell him if he loves you hell love u for who u are. simple as that

alright this sounds realy unprofessional.
But my health teacher from my freshman year of high school informed my class that people who are HIV/AIDS positive and remain sexually active can still spread their disease even when using a condom.
Since there are pores in a condom, just as there are pores in any fabric or rubbery substance, the HIV virus is very very small, small enough to go throuh the pores of a condom. Though there is a good chance that the HIV virus did not enter his body, it could have happened and he needs to know.

What you should do is recommend him to get tested ASAP.


YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL. I Hope you tell him, because if he gets it.. you are going to jail for not disclosing your status whether condom or not.

I can't believe you would do this to someone.. Having HIV is very sad, but to knownlingly know you have it and have sex with people without telling them.. what if the condom breaks..

You mind as well pack your bags, get rid of your apartment, say goodbye to your family because you are going to prison.. I don't hate HIV + people, I can't stand the ones that knownlingly spead the disease like you.

If you told him, well it would of been a different story..theres nothing wrong with a HIV+ person having sex with someone who they told they have HIV.. but to not them, you must be a evil person who is mad at the world.

Please, tell him.. then go find a local church and get your mind on straight because you are definitely in a bad position.

BTW.. i hope u are still living after this.. because once he finds out, he'll probably beat you down to the ground till ur grave.

You know in your own heart that you should have told him prior to having sex. Since you didn't, it is vital that you tell him now so that he can have tests regularly for a few months. If he wanted to press charges there could be some legal problems. I don't know how you contracted the HIV but if it was from someone who knew they were positive and didn't tell you I can imagine how you would feel. Don't do that to someone else. I hope your good health continues and that we see a complete cure in the near future.

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