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Whether homosex leads to HIV positive?

i've a doubt that homosexuality leads to AIDS disease.. clarify me more about this....

I was actually told it's not just in the homosexual community as much as the bisexual community. Men who are bisexual are more prone to get HIV because they have sex with Men AND Women. Most Men that are "bi curious" do not reveal that they are having sex with men and do not get tested because they think there's no way that they have HIV and it could be spread then after having sex with women. It's not just part of the gay community. It could happen to anyone and they used to go call it the killer of homosexuals because it's the stereotype that only gays can get it.

LORD HAVE MERCY!! How many times does this have to be said? HIV is not just a homosexual disease. It is not the homosexuality that causes a person to contract HIV. It's the RISKY BEHAVIOR a person, hetero, bi, or homosexual person engages in that puts them at risk. Sex with multiple partners, male or female, without a condom, IV drug use, mothers who pass the virus on to their babies via breast milk are the major ways a person can become infected.

Homosexuality is a risk for getting HIV (virus that can lead to AIDS), because anal sex has a higher rate of transmission of HIV than any other form of sexual activity.
HIV/AIDS was first discovered in homosexuals, but ANYONE can get HIV through unprotected sexual contact with an infected person, direct blood to blood contact with an infected person, sharing needles for drug use, or transmission from woman to baby during birth or through breastfeeding.
HIV is not spread through saliva or casual contact.

Look here is the simple answer to this question..homosexual men are the highest rate group for HIV this is because anal sex is tramatic no matter how experienced the reciever is there will always be tearing and small or large cuts that offer up small or larger amounts of blood..When the reciever of the anal sex gets these cuts and the giver of the anal sex has HIV it's pretty much an open passage for HIV..Now with straight sex it's easier for a man to give a woman HIV than it is for a woman to give a man yeah homosexual sex is an easy way to contract HIV..unless condoms are always used and you know for sure the status of your partner

HIV is still most prevalent in the homosexual community. This is due to the hgihly promiscuous behavior common in homosexuals. A recent survey reported that, of gay men in San Francisco, they AVERAGED 300 DIFFERENT sex partners a year! Thio is compard to the heterosexual community, which averages 5 sex partners in a lifetime.

While the risk in the heterosexual community is growing, the risks in the homosexual community are still much greater.

"Gay and bisexual men are 19 times more likely to become infected with HIV than the general adult population, according to Amfar, which collected data on these men in 128 countries."

you can get HIV if you are gay, straight, female, male, white, black, asian.... It doesnt matter who you are, you are at risk if you have unprotected sex with someone who has HIV or if you share needles and things like that.

Homosexuality is not a disease....AIDS is the final stages of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) While it is prevalent in the Homosexual community. Heterosexual people can get HIV/AIDS as well.

Yes,Very risky,dont attempt without condom.Kaposi sarcoma(cancer) also common in homosexual AIDS disease

sex with multiple partners without protection can lead to HIV positive. else..enjoy!

did any king in history die due to this.
their rvirus in air which smetime lead to hiv virus

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