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Blood type, blood group and HIV?

My blood group is A positive and my antibodies are negative? What does it mean i don't understand.

Beth is right about the Rh and how it affects babies, but shes wrong about you being an Rh negative

see, on your red blood cell, there are these things called antigens
(antigens aren't only on your blood cells, they are on every cell in your body but lets just focus on your blood cells for now)
each person has his own unique set of antigens, they are kind of like clothes.. some people wear T-shirts while others wear tank tops
just like some people have the A antigen (like you) while others have the B and some people might walk around topless.. that would be the O blood group which has no antigens, people with AB group have both the A and B antigens.. that's called your ABO system

and then comes the Rh system which you may be positive for (like you are, and that's why you are an A "positive") or negative

now, here's where it gets tricky
antiBODIES.. are little things formed by your white blood cells
they recognize every antiGEN that does not belong to your body as a "foreign" antigen and destroys it along with the cell carrying it, now this includes everything from bacterial antigen, antigen on a transplanted organ (that's why some people reject transplants) and antigens on forein red blood cells

now if you were a group A
your body will NOT recognize A antigens as foreign
meaning.. you will have negative antibodies towards the A antigen
but as a group A.. your body will recognize the B antigen as a forein and form antibodies against it
and the opposit goes for blood group B
people with O blood group have no ABO antigens and they have antibodies to both A and B antigens
people with AB blood group have both antigens and no antibodies

it's the same and a bit less complecated with the Rh system
if you're Rh positive, you have the antigen and NO antibodies
if you are Rh negative then you DONT have the antigens and your body will recognize an Rh positive cell as a foreign and destroy it if it ever got into your body

Negative antibodies means you are rhesus negative. Rhesus will only effect you if you're pregnant and then you'll get a jag which will prevent any damage to your babies. Sometime's your body will try to attack a fetus because it thinks it's a foreight body, if the fetus has a positive rhesus and you have a negative. Don't worry 'bout it at all. It won't effect you or your future babies.
It also has nothing to do with HIV.

Your blood type is A and you are Rh-factor positive (that's what A-positive means). If you were Rh negative (i.e., A-negative), then there would be some concern that your body's immune system would attack a fetus that had Rh-positive blood (which could occur if the father was Rh-positive). Since you're Rh-positive yourself, you don't need to worry about this complication.

The negative antibody test is a completely different matter. Assuming you had an HIV test (pretty standard with prenatal screening), then I would assume that the antibody the test is referring to is an antibody to HIV. Being negative for HIV antibodies means that your body has not previously encountered HIV, which means, essentially, that you are negative for HIV (this is good!)

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