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if you are pregnant and you are hiv positive or you have aids will it developed in your baby blood streem?

if you are pregnant and you are hiv positive or you have aids will it developed in your baby blood streem?

Its very likely to, but not always. i don't know the odds, but the doctor will recomend that your child get tested for it every six months, throughout its lifetime just incase. I knew someone who both her parents died from aids. she was in her twenties and still negative, but still going every six months for the testing.

If you are pregnant and HIV+, your HIV specialist can prescribe medication for you that will significantly reduce the chance that your baby will be born infected. C-sections can further reduce the risk of transmission of the virus to the baby.

These days, with appropriate treatment, risk of transmission of HIV from mother to baby at birth is about 1%. The baby would need to be tested at birth and periodically for 6-12 months to determine if they are infected. HIV+ mothers can not breastfeed their babies, breastfeeding could infect the baby.

I just had a baby and found out that I was also HIV+. Without medication the chance of a mother passing the virus onto her child is between 25 to 30%. I actually got my virus from my birth mother while my sister stayed negative.

In my particular situation, since my viral load was so low and my body was keeping it under control on its own, my risk of transmission went down to about 5%. I was put on medication that dropped the risk down to less than 1%. Since my Tcells were so high and my viral load was undetectable there was no added benefit to me having a Csection. My Dr. actually said it could cause more harm to me. If my viral load was not undetectable I would have needed a Csection to further prevent the transmission.

After my baby was born he was immediately tested (came back negative). He was put on viral medication for 6 weeks and tested again at 1 month (came back negative). He is now on an antibiotic that prevents certain types of lung infections related to HIV. He is on that until 4 months and he will be tested again. Then, he will have a FINAL test at 18 months. He does not need to be tested every 6-12 months for the rest of his life (my husband on the other hand does, luckily, after 5 years he is still negative). My son's Dr. said that if his test comes back negative at the 4 month one then he is 99% certain the test will be negative at the 18 month one and he will be just fine!

It all depends, my cousin has been hiv positive for 5+ years now and she recently had a baby about 8 months ago. The baby was born hiv negative. She has to go every week to be given medication so that the virus doesn't develop in the baby's body.

If an HIV positive mother is on the proper antiretrovirals it can significantly decrease the risk of transmission to the fetus. However there is still a possibility of transmission. Breast feeding has been shown to transmit the virus as well.

If the expectent mother is on ART or HAART,there's a good chance the the baby will be born NOT having HIV.The % is lowered again if the baby is delivered by C-section,& is not breast fed.So,NO,HIV-AIDs will NOT develope in the baBy!!!

its not nec. so ive heard of people with aids even breast feeding their baby and not giving them aids the blood doesnt actually go pass the placenta but theres always a poss. good luck

There are meds that can be given to a pregnant mother to keep it from spreading to the baby.

i believe so, not sure

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