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Would you consider it a crime to have sex with someone?

if you were hiv positive?
if so, what would the crime be?

wouldn't there have to be malicious intent? and what about the responsibility of the other person to protect themselves?
what about right to privacy?

If you didn't tell them you were HIV + yes, it is a crime.
I think the last case that went to trial involving this the person was convicted of attempted murder.

edit to you additional comments:
We all know there is no cure for HIV/ AIDS and eventually you will die from it. We all know one of the main ways it is spread is through sex- to have sex with someone who is uninformed of your status is malicious.
The responsibility lies within the person who has the disease to let anyone he comes in intimate contact with to let them know. If privacy is the issue, then don't have sex. When you become intimate with someone you loose your right to privacy with them and you must disclose something like this.

Well it depends. If you notifiy the person you have hiv, or any disease and they consent to have sex with you no. Even though morally you should use protection to protect them from the risks involved of having sex with you no matter if they want you to use protection or not. Now if you have sex with someone and you know you have hiv or another sexual transmitted disease and you don't disclose it. Your in big criminal trouble. I recently saw a cause where a guy had sex with a woman knowing he was hiv positive and didnt notify her and infected her and he was charged with manslaughter. After all you know hiv well kill you eventually. Be carefull!

It IS a crime in the U.S. if you knowingly are HIV+ or have AIDS and don't inform the partner. Personally I call it attempted murder, because you are attempting to give them a disease you KNOW can kill(although usually it's the weakened immune system over the actual disease). I don't remember what the actual crime is though.

of course i would consider it a crime! espeicially if the person infected did not tell the other person that they have HIV they are basically give the person a disease that could kill them (aids, hiv) so i would put it under attempted murder if it was me but thats just my opinion

Yes, under certain circumstances.

Unless the HIV positive partner made full disclosure and took steps to protect he non-HIV partner that should be a crime.

Unprotected sex, without disclosure should be a felony. I'd be okay with attempted murder.

I think if you are informed that you have HIV, and you do not disclose this information to the partner, and you transfer HIV to them then yes it is a crime. I would consider it negligent homicide!

If a person is hiv positive and is having sex with other people and not letting those people know then in my opinion it should be considered attempted murder.

It would be a crime if not disclosed! Otherwise if you both have it then NO it is not a crime.

yes, it is incriminating !! and disgusting to saythe least


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