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Would anything happen if 2 HIV positive people have sex together?

weird i know...just curious

Yes and no. There is a chance of Hepatitis, and then all the opportunistic infections (infections that affect people with weakened immune systems), some can be passed through sexual intercourse (STDs). There are also many different strains of the HIV virus, and there is a possibility that you can be reinfected with a newer, harder to treat strain of HIV from your partner. HIV positive couples should practice safe sex, just like everyone else.

They might have an amazing, loving connection. They might have awful awkward bad sex. One might get nervous and fail to get it up. Plenty might happen - but I suspect you are asking specifically about STDs, right?

They won't create a super-strain of HIV that would take over the world. And they are already infected, so they can't get SUPER infected.

If one of them had another STD, the other might catch it - which would be a bad thing if they were immune-compromised and not just HIV+. Other diseases, like hepetitis (sp?) and herpes, can be a problem if you already have a compromised immune system. But HIV+ doesn't mean you have AIDS, and maybe both partners don't have other diseases.

Most likely? They have a great time together, and end up bonding in a wonderful loving relatiionship - but are unable to get married and share health care benefits, visitation rights, and automatic inheritance because they are both gay men. Bummer.

whats up TayTay, no i don't think much will happen, if it was unprotected seeing how they both already have HIV i don't think the illness could get worse but something may happen.

What would you expect to happen? They spontaneously combust?
Not really getting the point of the question.

no.....i dont think so....can they catch each others strain of HIV and be double positive or something? people are being rude but this isnt a bad question...

What kind of ignorant question is that? It's people like you the reason why the disease continues to spread.

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