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How do i deal with someone that is hiv positive?

How do i deal with someone that is hiv positive?

What do you mean? I am not sure what you are asking. If you are referring to a friend, and you want to know how you can help, be supportive. Let them know you are there to listen. Encourage the person to see a specialist and follow the specialist's advice. Encourage the person to find a support group, and consider joining a support group yourself. HIV is not transmitted by saliva, or by casual contact. You can touch, hug, or even kiss someone who has HIV, and not get it yourself. Kissing is only a risk if you both have bleeding gums or open wounds in your mouths. Be careful if you ever need to help the person with a bleeding injury. HIV is transmitted by infected blood (most commonly by sharing needles for drug use), unprotected sex, or it can be transmitted by a woman to her child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding.

The same way that you would want someone to deal with you, if YOU were the one who was positive! And.....what do you mean "deal with?" Are you referring to conversation.....being with them (as a room mate or family member)...or are you talking about intimacy?

If you're speaking of intimacy, you need to get in a speed boat on your way to a health clinic and get some professional advice and counseling. If this individual is a friend or family member or an acquaintance, you need to continue to love them, respect them...respect what they're going through, support them by listening when they want to talk, and asking good questions when you need to (get some help from the internet or your local library) and learn how to be a good friend in a new, more important way.

HIV is not the death sentence that it once was, but it still deserves to be treated with a healthy amount of respect, just like the individual. Exceptional hygiene, proper eating, lots of rest and professional help in understanding what to expect, how to handle it and how to eliminate stressors, is extremely important.

I can't think of any better way to support this person, than to help them find and attend an age-appropriate support group. In that way, you're both learning and growing, together. But again.....sexual intimacy is something different and if that's what you're talking about, please seek professional, medical counseling (together) if possible, right away.

Just because they have HIV does NOT detract from their humanity in any way! Like the othe person said, treat them as you would any other person (which I hope is nicely). It also depends on your relationship to them, be it romantically, maternally, or just a friend. You aren't at risk if they are just a friend or child, but if it is someone you are involved with, I'd suggest reasoning if they are someone worthwhile (if they are "the one"), and if so, visit your doctor and ask for possible medications to prevent the spread.

The same way as you would any other person, unless you are having sex with them.

do not have sex with them!

Run away....far away...

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