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Does Barack Obama have AIDS?

Or is he at least HIV positive? Some trusted sources have suggested this, and in no way am I claiming this is a fact. Don't forget that he did drugs for a while when he was younger. So does he have AIDS? I believe Americans have the right to know if their president has AIDS or not!

Zinger II, no, I don't believe our president is gay, but I suspect he may have AIDS. It's not only gays who get AIDS you know. We should start a media campaign and get someone to ask Obama if he has AIDS. We have the right to know!

not only does he have is widely reported that he has
infected Brian Williams, Keith olberman,and David Letterman

Barney Frank is suicidal because he hasnt yet been infected

No, he doesn't, and quit spreading false rumors. He released his medical records during the campaign which showed he is in excellent health and very fit.

Besides, you don't get AIDS from drugs you smoke or snort, just injectables from sharing needles.

Good try, though. Next up: Is our president a transgender? Or did he used to actually be an automobile?

gee, why would you even think that if obama is gay why did he marry a lady. And i would to prefer to be called a person not a american because i am over 5 nationalities,AND ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!if barack obama had aid i don't think he would be our president LOOK IT UP the question is DO YOU HAVE AIDS? let me guess, yo mama,
my grandpa was in his science class and he said he was perfectly fine intill you were born

If he does, that's HIS problem, but, he DOES need AID!! To get us out of this mess! I think each person should worry about ones self, and not listen to rumors. Sure they make for good copy for the newpapers and Media, but who really believes everything you hear?

The President does not have AIDS. And you wouldn't wonder such a thing about a white president. Shame on you.

I have not heard that. But you can get hepatitis from snorting coke from a dollar and sharing with another. Nose bleeding is a trait of heavy coke use.

hahaha! Idk, but that would be confidential information, sorry....
What would it change if he was HIV positive, he'd still be the prez!




Frazzle Dazzle

Either you're lying or your source is lying.

Yes. Accelerated Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome.

I was sick of the politics section, so I decided to stay away all day. I come back to this question.

No and are the trusted sources the voices in your head...I know they seem real to you but NO ONE ELSE CAN HEAR THEM!!!!

Don't be silly.

Edit: What did I say? All I said was "Don't be silly". In other words " DON'T BE A DUMB-A-S-S".

Get it?

And that's none of our business anyways.

No. You do.

Yes, his family invented the virus in Africa.

I do not believe so.

Who are these "trusted sources"?

What? You gave him AIDS?

He looks pretty fruity to me

closet homo?

Is tonight the first time you've ever drank beer, little boy?

we don't know yet
his test results aren't ready

now, in the meantime, here's your bottle

Yes he is the leader

A-anti american
I- international

Do you work for Acorn?

well i certainly hope he does not have aids...

Hell no. if he did he would be sick every fakin day

thats good news

lol I don't know

I surely hope so

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