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Why are there so many weird people in the world, who seem to have no positive purpose for being here?

I mean there are just so many upon many upon many of totally tr@shy, w0rthless, weird, strange, negative people who are walking the earth today who offer absolutely NOTHING to it. They just take up space, waste, offer negativity and are just outright bad in so many senses of the word.

We have bug chasers, who are people who intentionally get sick with sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, and spread it around, literally, do some reading on this.

We have our share of criminals, abusers, sexual abusers, murderers, liars, thieves, totally selfish and self-involved materialistic people, just all sorts of tr@shy, uneducated low-life, weird people who have like absolutely nothing to offer, and just get in YOUR way and in MY way, and just make our lives harder.

How do we go about and handle these people?

They're everywhere, they're belligerant, you can't convince them otherwise, and they can destroy your life.

so what's one to do without going completely crazy?

I seriously ask myself this everyday! they are literally in the way.
I bet the governmentsor powers that be who actually CAN do something about it.. are set to destroy billions on earth and "start over" unfortunately innocent may have to go along with the good.
I keep reading reports that state...that for example 50% .. ok ill say it again so it can sink in thoroughly 50%!!!!!!!!!!! of the entire "muslim world" (and thats like over a billion people) repeatedly marry their first cousins!!! these are accurate statsitics from each muslim nation! that means your parents are 1st cousins, your grandparents and so on.. they do not date as a culture.. and this is the only option for sooo many! this is a destroyed gene pool and a retarded way of thinking! what is abbhorent to us.. is commonplace with them! these are arranged marriages!
no choice in the matter...just seriously pondering that alone can make you crazy
there is no educating them... its in quran to do so.
even though if its in Bible... Christians have long since stopped this!
and now this almost entirely "inbred" culture.... wishes to destroy everyone who does not think like them!

maybe theyve had a lot of bad experiences in their life or maybe they are just very critical. but for all those criminals out there, they are all going through bad times in their life which have show that they just arent able to make healthy decisions for themselves. we are all just going through tests in life, different ones that is, and each person or event or something is put in someone else's life to see how we react to them and how it will effect our chances of salvation.

I remember a man that thought just like you do; HITLER !

A lot of criminals exist today because we don't have any work for people. When there i no work people turn to crime like selling drugs.

We can make some changes if,1 we spent the money we spend on prions on schools we could stop the crap that is going on. Furthermore,
when people get out of jail they are set on the street with no money. Most of them canot go back and stay with relatives or friends so they do the only thing they can so survive, sell drugs and buglaries and all sorts of other things.

First of all, like YOUR life is so perfect. These people are sick (whether literally: whether it's physical, mental, emotional). there are alot of contraditions in this world that make people go insane. Things happen to them that make them be bad. I'm sure they weren't born bad, they just make poor choices in life. If there's anything I'm a believer of, it's forgiveness (or I try to forgive people), even if it's very hard.

If you have no problems, you are GOd. And yes, all you have to do is distance yourself from these type of people, because I heard it's contagious.


But also, misscommunications happen (all the time), so yes, I think in a way, one person has to be the more mature one.

Unreasonable people, however, are a hopeless case.

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