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Can a girl get hiv positive if she has sex with another guy after having sex with a guy 0n 4th day of periods?

what are the chances of getting hiv positive if she has sexual intercourse with other guy after having sex with one guy on 4th day of periods and if her blood enters her pennis

yes u can it doesnt matter when it matters if he is diseased lol

"and if her blood enters her pennis"


Okay rather than try to figure out what the **** is going on I'll just give you some very general information. Menstruation doesn't matter much. It has a pretty high transmission rate all the time.

Get tested. Get everyone involved in whatever it is you did tested. Get them retested at three months and six months because some times it takes a long time to show up.

There are a few things wrong with your question.

1: People generally don't have sex when a woman is on her period because it is disgustingly messy

2: Women don't have penis'

I said that because he said if her blood enters her penis. Ha ha that's funny.

vel dere r so many things wrong in yr question: 1st-gals dont hav penis
2nd-gals or ne1 in dis world wont get aids just by having sex while d gal is in period days..aids gets transmitted sexually only if u hav sex with a person(wether male or female) who is suffering frm aids.
n basically sex is avoidd during menstruation as its damn messy

If you have sex with a person who has HIV without protection NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF THE MONTH IT IS, your chances of getting HIV are pretty close to 100%.

yea definitely if "her blood enters her pennis" then she better get checked.

Scooby dooby dooo!!!

The only way she can get HIV is if one of the guys has HIV. It has nothing to do with her period.

I'm confused. Her penis?

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