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What did Nelson Mandela actually do to be such a great international hero?

Can someone tell me what Nelson Mandela actually did to be such a venerated international god like person with statues being put up to him. As I see it, he did not have anything to do with the ending of apartheid, that was President Van Klerk. When Mandela became President he went on an international campaign to be seen as a wonderful world statesman whilst he did nothing in South Africa to progress his own people, crime spiralled out of control, witch doctors said that raping babies would cure aids so baby rape became a major crime and Mandela refused to condemn it, poverty amongst the indiginous black population worsened considerably under his regime. He refused to acknowledge that aids was a problem, now one in every six babies born to women under the age 27 are HIV positive.

So what did he actually do to help and benefit his own people. and be such a god like creature? Please advise

All you smart ars..s don't know anything. When Mandela came to power first thing that happened was they shut my school. They wanted us all to go to the previously white only schools. Except we couldn't afford the uniform so they would not let me in. The my parents worked for went to live in England and got the papers so that we could also go. So I was educated here, am proud to be here, and consider myself as English because this country gave me what Mandela's South Africa could not give me. You people sitting in your little worlds, have never been in South Africa, listen to all the propoganda about Mandela. He did nothing for his people. He went on an international crusade, dressed in his expensive Saville Row suits, to be a big deal international statesmen, while poverty in SA went from bad to worse. One country in Africa that did not have children with blown up bellies from starvation, to a country with hundreds of thousands of starving children

True Facts About Nelson Mandela

He invented the Bongo Drum
He listens to East Coast Rap
When he plays Trivial Pursuit with his friends he always wins
He led Team South Africa to a highly improbable win over Team Canada in curling with a tremendous delivery in the 10th end in the final round of a Bonspiel. His on the broom delivery in the button to win came on the hammer. It is considered the finest play of all time.
Nelson once suffered from amnesia, and became convinced he was Prime Minister Ritchi Konghi, Prime Minister of Rotiki- a small and unimportant country somewhere in the pacific ocean.
Nelson once ate an entire watermelon in one sitting! He still had room for ice cream!
Even Nelson Mandela cried at the end of Old Yeller...
Nelson has enough self control to only eat one chip! You can leave the bowl there and he won't touch it.
Nelson successfully competed on Legends of the Hidden Temple as a young lad
Nelson was the creator of the popular card game Solitaire
Nelson Mandela finds Chuck Norris anecdotes humorous
Nelson Mandela and Ghandi have never been seen together, leading some conspiracy theorists to believe that they are in fact one and the same person
Nelson Mandela is a life-long African-African.
Nelson Mandela destroyed the British Empire.
Nelson Mandela doubts Uncyclopedia will ever get up to 1001 interesting facts about him.
Nelson Mandela can calculate pi up to 100 gazillion digits.
Nelson Mandela once beat Chuck Norris at a staring contest.
Nelson Mandela has a annual revenue of $100,000 but gives $934,345,543 to charity every year.
Nelson Mandela can speak Japanese
Nelson Mandela is said to have started the French Revolution. And killed Marie-Antoinette.
Nelson Mandela is afraid of clowns.
Nelson Mandela knows why E=mc虏
Nelson Mandela helped Dr.Phil through his abandonment issues
Nelson Mandela turned down the role of Radar in Mash
Nelson Mandela knows all of the fatality moves in Mortal Kombat
Nelson Mandela constantly uses the words "fo' shizzle" and "bitches"
Nelson Mandela helps Snape kill Dumbledore in Book 6
Nelson Mandela can do the 900 better than Tony Hawk.
Nelson Mandela has a miniature jetpack implanted in his back.
Nelson Mandela can beat the living **** out of Chuck Norris, but he doesn't need to cuz he know he can.
Nelson Mandela tricked the devil and bought his soul for a heart shaped umbrella and Moscow.
Nelson Mandela is currently working on a yet to be titled Super Mario RPG for the Wii.
Nelson Mandela thinks the chicken came before the egg.
Nelson Mandela's tears cure phoenix wounds.
M. Bison learned everything he knows from Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela's name is the only name that can be read backwards as Noslen Alednam.
Nelson Mandela can drink Mountain Dew without getting diarrhea within half an hour.
Nelson Mandela is a big fan of cheese, and holds regular cheese fests with Wallace and Gromit.
Nelson Mandela was the co-producer of the sound of music
Nelson Mandela knew Darth Vader was Luke's father all along.
Nelson Mandela is a avid WoW player. Known on his server as "One hell of a healer".
Nelson Mandela also loves to play Tic-Tac-Toe with his friends.
Nelson Mandela had sex with a white english boy named Andrew Shreeves
Nelson Mandela invented Human Rights
Nelson Mandela went to Prison for Human Rights.
Nelson Mandela stole Andrew Shreeves' Human Rights.
Nelson Mandela is not Mohammed Ali
Nelson Mandela did not abolish slavery in 1833 contrary to popular belief.
Nelson Mandela Is a Good man in a Bad Place.
Nelson Mandela is not black, contrary to popular belief.
Nelson Mandela is not a Boxer, i told you before..
Nelson Mandela did not fight George Foreman in Rumble in the Jungle.
Nelson Mandela did Rumble Shreeves in the Jungle.
Nelson Mandela has never lied to anyone, he has however, bent the truth, which is the same thing.
Nelson Mandela salted his parents front garden just for a laugh, even though they were hideously poor.
Nelson Mandela wasn't part of the SAS.
Nelson Mandela was named after his father, Nat-king-cole.
Nelson Mandela is the only man to have been cured from HIV.
Nelson Mandela can believe its not butter.
Nelson Mandela isn't Mr.T
Nelson Mandela beat Kofi Annan in a knife fight.
Nelson Mandela Isn't Chuck Norris.
Nelson Mandela can't Read
Nelson Mandela enjoys swinging both ways
Nelson Mandela can teach an old dog new tricks.
Nelson Mandela regularly fights city hall.
Nelson Mandela was once a member of the X-Men.
Nelson Mandela shaves with a Gillette Mach 5 Power Fusion Phantom.
Nelson Mandela invented water.
Nelson Mandela is not the current president of South Africa.
Nelson Mandela wonders where Snape's true allegiances lie.
Nelson Mandela hates the British Empire in Soviet Russia.
Nelson Mandela can touch Fergie's humps.
Nelson Mandela was a Beatnik.
Nelson Mandela burned down Andy Warhol's factory once.
Nelson Mandela has recorded an album in French.
Nelson Mandela has a large collection of ponchos.
Nelson Mandela sold his hair in a fundraiser.
Nelson Mandela is the inspiration for the song "Solid As a Rock"
Nelson Mandela can regularly be seen on BBC1 on Friday's promoting the use of various drugs and alcohols to schoolchildren.
God is a black man, but Nelson Mandela is not God.

I hope you are kidding? The years that Mandela gave of his life both in prison and out to protest the racist system of Apartheid are enough to make any one a hero. Van Klerk had no choice. Your logic is like saying that Bull Conner did more for Civil Rights then Dr King

PS Rachel Please grow up. I understand that Disney runs a web sight for children. Please have your Mommy or Daddy log you in and go there

One of the great Hypocrites.

It is not for me to educate you. You have access to the use it!

You are obviously already bigotted, so i won't waste time on you. Silly person.

There so many so called Heros we are all human an all capable of doing anything, some people just get there first.

acted as a symbol against the oprresive apartheid regime (bombed a few people out of it in fact)

other than that I agree with your points

How dare you question the great accomplishments of Mandela? You mean the people of s.Africa aren't better off now than under apartheid? And Mandela had sex w/a white boy named Sheeves? Isn't that where the song 'bringing in the sheeves' came from?
You aren't allowed to insult black heros, don't you realize that? If you do, you're a racist. Just ask Al Sharpton. Or Jessie.

There are great books written about him by bona fide biographers, He is a man of peace and great influence so I am sure you will enjoy the reading. I think you are very judgemental about the aids thing. This is a problem of global significance and not just South Africa. Education is the answer to such problems together with the breaking down of cultural and tribal superstitions so please have a little patience with him and read about him. You might try to write to him too! REgards, DeeDee

De Klerk's undoing of apartheid was purely reactive - if he hadn't done it, apartheid would have undone itself. De Klerk's brilliance was seeing this before the rest of the closed minds of the National Party and managing the situation to ensure some measure of survival for the whites in South Africa.

Mandela's huge presence ensured that there wasn't a power vacuum on the removal of white minority rule. His setting up of a "Truth and Reconciliation" committee ensured that the truth of the apartheid years could be exposed without reprisal and bloodshed.

Between them, Mandela and de Klerk oversaw a transfer of power relatively peacefully, when most observers had believed that this change in South Africa would be accompanied by a bloodbath.

Mandela made many mistakes once in power, but perhaps a look at Zimbabwe gives an insight into what South Africa might have become without Mandela's moderate leadership.

Well he was a criminal. Blacks like a criminal and stupid white people just see him as a hero because they used to like that song.

Very little, he was hijacked by twats and made special..

Nelson was a wonderful man! His wife and him used to reward people with car tires which they would put around peoples necks and light on fire as a celebration of his pious goodness.

Mandela was asked many times:
"What are you going to do if we release you"
And he replied:
"Blow every b**t**d up"
So,I think, the authorities were right to show a little concern about his release
Anyway hasn't the poor man suffered enough?

Married to that B**ch Winnie!!

PS If I'd been married to Winnie
I'd have stayed in f**k**n' Jail too!

he is nothing more than a murderer elevated to statesman thanks to celebs, and other arsewipes who took up the cause many years ago.

Tell me "trouble_906". Is it true what they say, that Ignorance is bliss? Just thought I'd ask you as you seem more qualified than most to answer this question.

Erm, you have a LOT of free time on your hands...???

I admire mrsceptic .As always his answer stands out by putting forward the facts in a knowledgable unbiased way ,The same way that Thomas and deedees answers are obviously well thought out and educated and reflect back on them in a positive way .other than those few inteligent answers i think i`m of the same mind as Robert
this question is only worth the kind of answers it got

Mandela's profile has emerged from his struggle to challenge and eventually, with a political solution, to overcome the corrupted regime of apartheid.

Some of the other answers (e.g. 'MrSceptic') have briefly outlined the political transition that put DeKlerk and Mandela at the forefront for the ending of the established apartheid system, and some of the positive implications thereafter, such as relative peace.

The legacy of apartheid (just as any racially divisive regime) is far-reaching (comprising psychosocial as well as economic problems and consequences). Under Mandela, the focus was on negotiation and reconciliation rather than recrimination.

You cite the most horrific criminal behaviour and link it with Mandela, but I cannot find anything to substantiate this condemnation by association.

There are theories as to what extent: the epidemic of this evil is bound up with the social history itself, and, that cases have been reported more in recent years.

Nelson Mandela set up the Childrens Fund in 1994 when he became President. The fund has the express purpose of promoting education, welfare and the rights of children through projects and partnerships in the context of critical issues such as HIV/AIDS.

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