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Can we get Aids through mouth to mouth kissing?

What is the possiblity of getting Aids when we are kissing some one who is Hiv positive.What if the sliva of an infected person mixes with ours.

No you can not get aids through a wet kiss you dumb *** lol.
You should really seriously go do your homework on this you oviously have not graduated yet lol. If this was true that you could get aids though someone who was infected and had a wet mouth and your mouth was wet too. Then all of you dumb ***** would have aids lol. Aids is only caused by sexual activity. If you have not sucked a guys joe or put your joe into a girls pie then you are 100 percent ok.
Also blood transfusions can be a way to get it only if the blood is tampered with, but go to a good clinic if you want to give blood and make sure the dumb asses do it right and you well be fine. License doctors are recommended.
Kissing or tougue kissing for a very long time in one day well not give you aids, even if both of your lips were dry.
Bloody gums and someone who had no blood in them well not get it either. If both of you are gushing blood then you have a chance of getting it only if the person is infected.
Gushing as not i bite my tougue or my lip gushing like you got hit real hard and you are bleeding for a while.
Not one open sore in your mouth. Like what a cut that has been sealed? Since your mouth heals more then the body this is why it well be awfully hard to catch it by kissing or tougue kissing for that matter. So dont worry your pretty little heads.

It certainly doesn't surprise me that this asker would choose this answer as 'best answer'.

These people amaze me.

GRIZZ Report It

Your just jealous cause my answer has more knoweldge then yours grizz. Grizz i would say your proably one those dumb born again christians or that you had the same answer I had? Do your real research not just from someones openion Experience it. Report It


people who put a hundred percent down are just jealous cause i had the correct answer dudes do your research dont be teeling people you can cath stds by mouth dumb asses . Report It

There is no fact anywhere in the united states or in the world of any record of anyone getting hiv from kissing or tougue kissing for that matter so you know. Report It

The fact is it never happen. Report It

We can sure try.


no its not possible unless u drink like a bucket of their spit

as far as i know you would have to drink about a half gallon of saliva to put yourself in any danger of catching aids from kissing.that would be a sloppy kiss!!

If the person who is infected has an open sore on thier mouth area, then it's very possible to get it.

yes, anything with bodily fluids, Seman, salvia, blood

i think that the only way which you can catch hiv or aids is by sexual fluids, blood or unprotected sex

no its jus thru blood tranfusion,infected needles and sexual contact

Yes if they have a sore or a cut, if their gums are bleeding then yes it can be passed on.


You would need to drink gallons of the saliva to catch aids. Have fun just make sure that you use condoms whilst being intimate in any other way.

As I answer, there are five wrong answers, six correct ones, and one partially correct. This is very sad. You may not appreciate this, but the overwhelming evidence has been available to you, and everyone for over twenty years. Further, anyone who is not qualified to answer medical questions, should not. There is nothing like education. This is a deadly disease. In this day and age, I would be embarrassed, quite frankly, not only to ask this question, but to answer it in ignorance.It's even more than ignorance. The definition of ignorance is not having any information available on an issue. Certainly, that is not the case here.

Rough words, maybe. Perhaps they will shock you into action. Could save your life someday.


My mother died of aids in 1992. She was infected through a blood transfusion 2 months before national testing came into effect. To become infected then, was ignorance.Luckily, it was finally recognized, and intervention stepped in. It was just too late for my mother.

You're right WOLVERSYR. I never did answer the question.


Instead of pointing out where there are wrong answers - please correct the misinformation too!

HIV is not transmitted through saliva. It is only transmittable through semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk, and blood.

Kissing is a safe activity. The only risk is if there is blood to blood contact - if one person has bleeding gums and the other has a cut in their mouth. It's highly unlikely that the virus would be transmitted this way though.

not passible by siliva but if you both have open wounds in the mouth then yes.... it is blood borne....

If it is dry kissing you do not get AIDS. If it is a wet kiss definitely the person will get AIDS. If it is a wet kiss the saliva mixes with your saliva and you get infected.

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