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A Poem Called My First....Enjoy?

"My First"

My mind was saying no but my body was telling a different story
I knew if i let my guards now he'll hurt me
He said he loved me so why couldn't we wait
I knew if i give in i wouldnt talk to him after that day
I wanted my first to be something that i wanted and something he pressured me to do
Cause either way i turn i'm still going to lost
So he took it without permission after i specifically said no
Time and time i begged him to let me go
I cryed and i pleaded but he stop
He looked me dead in the eye when he was done and that's when my heart dropped
I'm sorry is what he kept on saying as he walked away
Leaving me there to soon return to my fate
He was HIV positive is a thought that slipped my mind
And full-blown AIDS has erupted inside
Now i'm dying slowly because of my first time

no this is not true and was watchin a movie and it inspired me to write this....

Ok thanks for telling me it wasn't true! You are a great poet! You go girl! Post it all over the world, publish it, follow it, it is a raise awareness poem and it will, raise awareness!

if u did this then ur really good and if u have more then i would really like to hear yea i like poetry to im just not good like u lol BUT UR REALLY GOOD

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