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Do nurses have the right to know the condition of her patient especially when her patient is HIV positive?

What about the confidentailty of the patient?

its what you call privileged communication in medical jurisprudence. the nurse has to know because they are the ones who take the orders of the doctor and carry it out. and the medical history of the patient is all written in the medical chart so the nurse will be able to see all the medical information of the patient. and of course that's HIV we're talking about not just a simple illness, the nurse would have to take necessary precautions in handling the patient to avoid transmitting the disease to herself and to other patients.

the nurse will need to know if a patient has hiv so they can take precautrions not to infect themselves and other patients, and also so they can properly treat them. The patient confidentiality only means you cant tell random people, but any one treating the person, doctor, nurse etc, will have access to the medical records

Yes, patient has no confidentailty as far as the medical staff is concerned.

I guess in short the answer is - no they do not have a 'right' to know - that's one reason they wear protective garments when handling possibly infectious materials (blood, other bodily fluids...)

Medical professionals do have a need to know a patients history - it is necessary in ensuring effective treatment.

All medical professionals must also sign confidentiality agreements to work in any position...

Release of any materials relating to a medical condition to other establishments (say from one hospital to another) requires a signed document by the patient or legal guardian.


All the related medical staff should know the condition of the managed patient, first for proper management, second for proper safety measures to be considered, its supposed that all medical staff members are honest and keep patient personal data

As a former paramedic here is the correct answer....
Legally- No, any health care professional uses what are called "universal precautions".

Ethically- your call, if I were getting a shot... not a big deal. However, if I were getting surgery it's a wholly different scenario

Medically- IT MATTERS!!! treatment, drug interaction.... this is
their job they should and likely will treat you professionally regardless

OF course! a nurse is expected to deliver the best possible care to patient in a holistic manner.

delivery of care should be individualized based on the patient's need.

That's why it is important for a nurse to be knowledgeable about the patient's condition even if it's confidential because the nurse also plays a vital role as part of the health care team.

Nurses don't belittle yourself! 4 years in college is not a joke!

If the nurse was involved in caring for a patient who was HIV +ve then she would be aware of the patients status. All patients are treated the same in that all health care facilities use what is termed "standard precautions" That is to say that all patienta are treated as if they are potentially infectious. The patients diagnosis is confidential and the nurse would be in breach of her duty of care and patient cofidentiality and privacy laws if he/she revealed the diagnosis. Nurses and health workers know the diagnosis in order to protect the patient, themselves and the wider conmmunity.

Yes; the nurse has the right to know the history of a patient, but this shouldn't compromise the confidentiality of the patient.

The only way to provide proper care safely to a patient is knowing their diagnosis and history. A nurse is responsible for the safety of her patient, herself and the staff of the hospital that works with her while taking care of any individual: Nurses' Aides, House Keeping, Dietary and Laboratory for just a few. Unless she knows the history of the patient that can't be done. Wearing gloves and handwashing alone aren't always enough in caring for patients be it HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis or any type of illness/disease.
It is illegal for anybody to pass on any information about a patient to other people not involved with the care of that patient. You can be prosecuted (in the USA anyway) if it is found that you have. With the new Privacy Act passed a few years ago it is now even harder to get information about a close relative or even a husband from the hospital staff unless the patient has given his/her permission. I know because my husband was hospitalized a few months ago and they asked him as part of his admission questions who they could give information to. The only way you can get around that is if you can prove that you have Power of Attorney for somebody or ask the person themself.

Privacy has always been an important aspect of patient care ever since I can remember, but even more so today.

No she does not have the right to know...which is so wrong...that is why health care workers are supposed to treat every patient as if they have HIV.....wearing gloves etc. So, do you think it's right that a nurse, doctor or other health care worker should put themselfs at risk taking care of an infected person but not have the right to know that person is infected????? Its sick but it's the law....

It is imperative that all healthcare professionals be notified of HIV infection so they may be protected. To not do this is unforgivable. You can be held accountable in the form of a law suit if you withhold information and infect another person, because it is a matter of life and death. Healthcare professionals do not disclose the information because of the privacy act.

nurses are supposed to treat everyone as though they have a potentially infectious, and do not have "the right" to invade someones privacy.

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