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Is Malcolm Jamal Warner (Theo, from the Cosby show) really HIV positive. I heard that he is bisexual too.?

Is Malcolm Jamal Warner (Theo, from the Cosby show) really HIV positive. I heard that he is bisexual too.?

news to me, but anything is possible.

I haven't heard anything about this.

i've never heard of that. it's probably just a dumb rumor some person made up.

your mistaking him from the son on family matters....those where rumours ...darius mccray said he does not have hiv

I think this is a rumour.

no he doesn't have hiv and he's not bisexual since he had plenty of girlfriends back then like the girl from family matters that was steve girlfriend not laura but myra that used to be his girlfriend before she died of stomach cancer on 12/22/98 right in his arms.

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    Absolutely YES! HIV virus is transmitted through bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, and semen when in contact with an HIV positive patient.

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    they can get infected, just the same as a person that uses a condom can get pregnant.

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    I just found a page about this for someone else yesterday: Publication No.05-10019 ...

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    HIV can be transmitted amoung other root of infecction and mostly by blood to blood contact and body fluids,which you must try to avoid by all means.


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