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If a person have sex with a HIV positive woman and does not let his sperm inside the woman what r the chances?

The person who has sex with out condem he then lets out his sperm out of woman then what r the chances of that person will he b effected?

If you put a gun to your head that you know contains at least one bullet, what are your chances of dying? Why take the chance? Unprotected sex is stupid and dangerous.

Plus, her chances of have other STDs are very high. She is irresponsible if she doesn't insist on a condom. But I guess you already knew that.

edit- Even 1 in 2000 is too big of a chance to take. And God only knows what else she might have. WEAR A CONDOM.

it makes no difference.

chances still really high.

you should still see a doctor

The fact that you had sexual intercourse is a major risk.....there are lubricants and bodily fluids involved. You may not be a daddy because you didn't leave your sperm....but you could get STD's or AIDs.

If the woman has HIV. The sperm doesn't matter. Its the juices from her privates that carry the virus. For the male to catch it you need an open wound on your penis or on very rare occasions her juice going down your penis into your ballsack. This is rare because your sperm will shoot it out... To put odds on it Id say around 25% chance of catching it

The woman may not get pregrent
The man will get 99% HIV because he don't use any protection. His sperm will not involve in the infection for him.

The chances of you getting HIV are good! HIV can be transmitted through any bodily fluids and sexual contact. The vaginal fluids and sensitive skin allows the virus to enter into your blood stream. Use protection. Always. Always. ALWAYS.

Good chance for headaches

THER NEVER WAS A VIRUS DETECTED, so nobody can honestly tell, trueley
ride on an take care..

Immediately there is intercourse without protecion there is a100% chance of getting infected.It does not depend on ejaculation

her fluids got on you and vice versa. your sperm isnt infected, hers is, so you coming inside her makes no difference.

also, that is really irrasponsible of you to have unprotected sex knowing that your partner had an STD. HIV no less!

It's not the sperm sweetness its the secretions. If you did this I would be thinking about a test in a few months and please stop having sex, there are innocent people out there who do not want to deal with HIV or AIDS.

sperm or no spern has NOTHING to do with it. Just entering her puts him at risk!

The transmission rate of HIV is very low, compared to other STDs. Ejaculation has no bearing on this question, as it's female to male. The best guess is that the risk is less than 1%, but it does depend on the viral load of the infected person, and if there are any other diseases or lesions present.

Even for a small risk, condoms are worthwhile to protect yourself.

It depends. What's her viral load? Unprotected sex is always a risk. For a man is a lesser risk, but is lesser good enough?
If you didn't ejaculate there is still precum. If her vaginal fluid mixed with the precum you could become HIV infected and if you ejaculate there is a higher risk.

A lot of it depends on your health as well- IF you have an STD you will be 10 times more likely to get HIV infected.

No wonder we have such a problem, Only one person, Lizettad comes close to the right answer. The chance of the man being infected is 1 in 2000.

My source is the Ministry of Health in NZ.

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Question: What are the Ministry of Health's calculations on the
probability of a man being infected while having sex with an HIV+ woman?

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Answer Text: The Ministry of Health has not made calculations on the
probability of a man being infected while having sex with an HIV+ woman.

Estimates from international literature suggest that the risk of
transmission of HIV to a man from penile vaginal intercourse without
condom use with an HIV+ woman is 5 per 10,000 exposures.

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