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I am looking for pictures of hiv positive patients?

I am looking for pictures of hiv positive patients?

Perhaps you could search for blogs by folks that are HIV+ or spokes-people who are very "out" about their HIV status.

Other than that, it will be difficult to know who's HIV+ and who isn't. I'll bet a lot of photos on informational health brocures are just stock photos - they could be of anyone.

Your use of the word "patients" makes me wonder, though. Are you looking for folks who are HIV+? Or are you looking for folks who's health has started to dramatically deteriorate from the disease?

It think that there is a misconception out there that almost everyone who is HIV+ begins to waste away after a few months. In fact, many people who are HIV+ are still very fit, healthy, and strong.

Good luck.

Pictures of HIV+ patients will be hard to find, there are a lot of laws about confidentiality. If you expect to see something different that what you look like you will be sadly mistaken. People with HIV look just like you and I, there are no gross disfiguring, no scars, tumors or other oddities.

Your best bet will be to read POZ magazine and other publications for HIV+ people.

Whatever for? Do you think HIV+ people will look different?

Education is a plus.

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