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Does swallowing a sperm of an HIV positive will get you infected?

Does swallowing a sperm of an HIV positive will get you infected?

Swallowing of semen of an HIV positive person can get you infected depending upon the cd4 count of patient and his viral load,if there is any raw area in ur ur mouth and the virus manages to get into ur blood stream through that raw area, then it can infect you.Take care.plz be very careful and avoid unprotected sex

It isnt the actual sperm that is the infection it is in body fluids. Dont take the risk!

Where did you go to school, can't even make a proper sentence. If you've got someones dick in your mouth and that person is HIV pos. You've got aids.

you will certainly contract AIDS by swallowing the sperm of an HIV pos person. that is wayyyyy risky. that is where most of the virus is located.

YES. Sperm is a body fluid. HIV is transmitted through body fluids. Please get tested and hope for the best. Oral sex is dangerous. Use condoms and know who you are sleeping with!

You don't even need to swallow it to risk getting HIV. Just steer clear of any and all bodily fluids of a person with AIDS or HIV. What is so important that you would risk your own life to give someone temporary gratification in the form of sexual pleasures? NO WAY!

of course you can.

Yes you can, whether you swallow or not. Remember to always be protected if your not in a monogamous relationship. Get tested every 6 months too and have your partner get tested with you.

HIV is found in semen, blood, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. The amount of HIV and its ability to infect depends upon a variety of factors, one of which is his viral load. Viral load is a blood test done by the doctor to see how much HIV is found in him. IF his viral load is low or undetectable, AND your mouth is healthy (i.e., no bleeding gums, broken skin - you haven't bitten your lip or cheek), then the risk is lower, but it doesn't mean the risk isn't there. If you don't have any gut issues (i.e., bleeding ulcers) then the risk is lower, but again, there's still a risk. As an HIV counselor, I always recommend using condoms for oral sex and any other penetrative activity. Flavored condoms are excellent for oral sex.

Please realize that you are taking a risk. Free HIV tests are available in so many locations and can detect HIV as soon as 2 weeks, but the average is 25 days. Take a test (it's easy, and not knowing is harder) and then if it's negative, take a test again in another month or two.

If you choose to keep having oral or penetrative sex with an HIV+ partner, know that you are at risk and are willing to accept the consequences. Life isn't fun with HIV, but treatments can allow a positive person to live for decades.

If you have a cut anywhere that the fluid will pass, there is a chance. But normally, your stomach acid kills the virus.

No, I'm sure you'll be just fine......NOT!! Are you kidding me??

Of course you can get AIDS from swollowing sperm!


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