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My best friend is HIv positive?

My best friend is HIv positive?

I'm sorry to hear about it. I've read that there are a lot better drugs today to ward off the onset on AIDS. I hope your friend will be okay.

so whats the question?


What's the question?

and? you want to know what?


Ok, he can still live a long time!

I'm sorry!

Unless you are his or her lover, you are ok, and they need all the support you can give them.

I am really sorry about that.

He/She can still remain your best friend. But please do NOT have sex together.

OK, thanks for sharing.

Is this a question? Are you making a statement? Are you expressing your grief over it? Expound please.

Is there a question here, somewherE?

dont treat him any diffrent just be there when he needs u

it happens. i just found out last year that my mom has it.



yes so what do you want to no

dont know what to tell you sorry if you need to talk about anything else email me at keyla_brown123@yahoo.con

things like dat dont matter in friendship. take good care of ur friend and pray for him/her

So? Does that make them any less of a friend? You do realize that you can not catch it from them unless you have unprotected sex with them, share needles with them or come in contact with their bodily fluids while you have a cut. What's your question?

I f I knew what you are even asking I could probably give an answer.

so what if this person is hiv+. that does not mean you cannot be friends, However when it comes to sex or other contact you have to be careful.
It just means that this person may hve contacted it through unsafe sex perehaps but should not be eliminated as a friend.
search your heart for the answer.

What's the question here? I'm sorry to hear that. It's a difficult thing to come to terms with, but the drugs and help available ensure longevity now days.

Please accept my prayer and lets stand together and pray for his healing and know that the Lord Is with him,we sometimes dont know what the Lord can do but that he can and so we can join together In one accord and pray.

In his name wich above all names I pray right now,please lets stand together ! sends 1000 ministering spirits of our Lord and 2 that join together send 10,000 minestering spirits Of our lord so lets join together for your best friend ,amen

I hope that this brings you comfort and your friend has the peace too

What you need to do now is since he/she is your best friend, try to comfort that person. Lend your ears to him/her and that is the best thing that I can suggest for you now.

Support your best friend all the way do not stop being friends because she/he has HIV. Do not worry you would not get the virus unless you guys have sex or if your friend cut her/him self and you touch the blood. So just support him/her.

So, What's the point? If he is HIV positive, you, being his best friend should encourage him-to make him feel good. So that he leads the rest of his life peacefully.
If you are thinking to breakup the friendship or something you are absolutely wrong.

I am sorry to hear that & hope it does not turn into full blown aids.Good Luck to your friend.

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