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My room mate is hiv positive what precaution should I consider taking.?

Neither one of us is gay, well I can only speak for myself.

Sleeping in the same room as him won't necessarily give you HIV. Now let me explain why I said necessarily... As long as you don't engage in sexual intercourse with him (you said you weren't gay so thats not a problem), touch his blood, or exchange any body fluids with him, then you will NOT get the virus. HIV/AIDS will die if outside of the host for more than 10 seconds, which means that you cannot get it from using the same toilet, sleeping in the same room, or even in the same bed.

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Other than sexual type contact the only other way to contract it is through blood.

your one precaution should be against fear.

yes, don't sleep with your roommate. but otherwise, your roommate is a normal person, with normal feelings. don't make him or her feel isolated because of the disease he (or she) carries.

you can shake hands. hug. use the same toilet. use the same computer. eat dinner together. go to bars together.

be kind.

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