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How long does it take to become HIV positive after a sexual encounter?

There was this couple on the news where the husband is HIV positive but yet the wife and the child were not. How is this possible? Is HIV hereditary? Also do women who are HIV positive and pregant have to have a C-section? I was just really curious!

The amount of time between getting HIV infection and developing antibodies varies very widely. The vast majority of people with HIV will produce antibodies by around 45 days after infection. However, in a small proportion it may take up to six months for antibodies to develop, and in a very few people with HIV infection it may take even longer. This is one reason why a lack of HIV antibodies does not always mean freedom from infection.

There are also a number of tests which can look for the virus or parts of the virus itself (antigen testing and RNA viral load testing), damage to the immune system, or other aspects of the body's response to the effects of the virus. These should not be confused with the HIV antibody test.

Call your clinic for a test if you even suspect your partner has HIV. Call United Way First Call for Help (just dial 2-1-1 in most USA cities) for referral to a free or low-cost clinic.
Ed, RN

if mom is hiv positive, usually her unborn child is too. a c-section is not needed because the blood supply is already being tranferred from mother to child, therefore, the child will already have the disease. many times it doesn't show up for up to 6 months after being "exposed" to someone who has it, depending on how well an individual takes care of himself/herself.

As with the transmission of most STDs there is a risk of transmission. It is possible that during the sexual encounters the wife had with the husband HIV was not transmitted. After a sexual encounter seroconversion occurs at around two to four weeks, this may manifest as a flu like illness. The virus itself may not be detectable in the bllod until about 3 months post encounter. All that crap that was posted about not being able to detect HIV in the blood is just not true.
While mothers who are HIV positive often do transmit the virus to their kids, treatment with antiretrovirals are often able to eradicate the virus in infants.
AIDS stands for aquired immune deficiency syndrome, a result of HIV killing the cells of the immune system that would normally prevent infections. That's why there are diseases that are considered AIDS defining. A person can also be siad to have aids when their CD4 count falls below a specific number but I forget what that number is.

The testing window for HIV infection is 25 days to 3 months after exposure. HIV is not hereditary. An infected person can have sex with an uninfected person without passing on the infection. BUT it is like playing "Russian Roulette". For a baby to be infected it has to come from the mother during the pregnancy. If the mother is infected, she can take medication during the pregnancy to reduce the risk of infecting the baby through the umbilical cord.

All that nonsense about no conclusive test for HIV is exactly that, nonsense. Current testing practices are over 99% accurate. And early detection of the virus is critical to staying alive.

It can take from 30 days to 3 months or even 6 years to become HIV positive after unprotected sex w/ HIV positive person. Also woman that are pregnant by an HIV positive person their children have a 30% of getting HIV. If the mother takes medication so the child has an even less chance of having HIV it is 15% chance. I'm not sure about how the woman didn't get HIV she probably took medication. HIV is not hereditary. HIV is an STD. Also the only ways to get HIV is by unprotected sex w/HIV positive person, dirty needle use with HIV positive person. Or by breastfeeding if mother HIV positive. You CAN'T get HIV from casual contact, kissing, hugging, using same toilet or drinking out of the same cup

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