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What is HIV positive and HIV negative?

which one is really affect the human body? hiv neg or hiv positive? plz tell


HIV+ means that the patients blood has ANTIBODIES against the hiv virus and HIV- means he has no antibodies againist the virus.
Antibodies are the cells produced by body againist the infecting organism. In this case the virus. So their presence means that via virus is present in the body.

Now the catch is : hiv + definitely means the person has been infected with the virus
BUT hiv- doesnt necessarily means that the person in not infected. Reason-- antibodies take some time to reach a level to be detected in blood. If tested during this time even if the person is infected he wont show any antibodies. In medicine this period is known as WINDOW PERIOD. Its one of the biggest challenge in medicine to screen blood and blood products for hiv antibodies due to this. I hope i was able to explaini it clearly

negative means u dont have it, HIV positive means u have the virus in ur blood.

They do a blood test, if HIV is present then it is HIV positive, if HIV is not present, then it is HIV negative.

negative means u dont have it, HIV positive means u have hiv

HIV positive and negative are results from exams you take to find out if you have the virus. If it's negative then you don't have it. If it's positive either you have it and it manifests itself or you have it but it doesn't manifests itself...wich means you're a passive have the virus that doesn't hurt you but you can pass it to others

while doing elisa(test for HIV) ..if the presence of the specific antibodies for the hiv antigen is seen then it is said to be HIV positive that u are acquired by HIV.
in case of absence of those proteins u are free of HIV .such case is called as HIV negative

Positive really affects human body.



1) ELISA= Enzyme Linked Immune Sorbent Assay.
2) Western Blot Test
3) PCR= Polymerase Chain Reaction.

In the above tests if HIV is detected in blood then it is said HIV positive else HIV negative.


hope u got the answer. ALL THE BEST.

HIV positive is the state of a person where he/she test positive during HIV test. Its shows that the HIV affect the body and is active to break down the immune system. Finally it will develop AIDS.

HIV positive is when they have run a blood test and one has HIV. Negative is when they don't.

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