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Is it possible for parents who are HIV POSITIVE to give birth to a child who is negative?

Is really possible for a husband and a wife who are HIV POSITIVE to give birth to a child who is not HIV POSITIVE?If it possible the please let me know how it happens because according to what I know is that for a woman to conceive she has to receive a man's sperms directly into her vagina and I also know that if a man is HIV positive then his sperms are also HIV positive likewise to a woman who HIV positive her ovaries are also HIV positive


I'm a HIV+ female and my husband is negative. We gave birth to a beautiful girl who is negative also.

I was on 8 tablets a day to get my viral load down and to increase my CD4 count thus making the virus undetectable in my blood. I also had a caesarian when my daughter came into this world and she was also on meds (AZT) for 6 weeks after she was born.

I was also advised to not breast feed because the virus is also present in breast milk.

Finally, my daughter was tested regularly up until she was 18 months old and she got the ALL CLEAR.

If a man is HIV+, it is still possible for him to have a HIV- child because they can do sperm washing. I have a good friend who is HIV+ and his child's mother was also positive - the child is in fact negative.

When you take all the necessary precautions, there's less than a 1% chance of the child being infected.

Yes it is.

They have a treatment regime now that will almost guarantee that your child does not get AIDS, according to a few studies i have read. You have to make sure you talk to your physician about this, and they should be able to take care of you.

PS don't listen to an idiot who cites HS school chemistry.

i'm not to sure but if the child ends up not being HIV positive then a way to avoid giving them the virus is not breastfeeding

Yes, if you take the proper drugs, there is a 98% chance the baby will test negative.

Yes, it is possible with proper precautions and aggressive treatment. If the mother's viral load is reduced enough, there is a good chance for the baby to be born HIV free.

yes one of my friends has HIV and her son was born negative because she took the correct drugs to prevent it from going into his bloodstream .................but he gets tested for the virus every 6 months and he is healhy and his 5 years old now it is possible

yes its possible i heard it somewhere b4

To be truthful, I really don't know, but I'm gonna find out the answer to this question!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! According to CDC in USA...there are antivirals that will help decrease the probability! This really took some research!
Three ways to get infected as you know: sex, fluids or Mother-to-Child in Utero (during fetal development) or via Breast feeding! Interesting. In utero there is a 25%, with normal delivery to pass HIV to fetus. However, with Antivirals there is less than 2% with C-Section delivery. However, with in Utero antiviral medications, the % decreases dramatically. Perinatal transmission is 91% without meds. First step is to get tested and then get treated w/meds and appropriate medical treatments. Hope this helped me understand this question more also! :O) Good luck!


geneticaly no you can't, it's impossible. Any blood type that is positive will dominant, and anything negative is recessive.

so if your hiv + then it would automaticaly overide -

so about that

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