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Where is the HIV rash located? how does it look like?how long does it last for?is it itchy?

Where is the HIV rash located? how does it look like?how long does it last for?is it itchy?

an irritating rash all over body including little red
> spots that are sometimes hard. These go away and come back again at
> different times.Although a rash is common with primary HIV infection it is not specific
for HIV. Primary HIV infection is associated with high virus replication
and an associated strong antiviral response by the body's defenses.
Generally one would expect this and associated phenomena (such as rash,
fever) to occur within the first 6 weeks post infection, but that
doesn't mean that exceptions do not occur, that could either shorten or
extend this period. In any case for such a rash to persist is uncommon
in association with an acute infection, where one would expect it to
come and go.

The virus attacks specific lymphocytes called T helper cells (also known as T-cells), takes them over, and multiplies. This destroys more T-cells, which damages the body's ability to fight off invading germs and disease.

When the number of T-cells falls to a very low level, people with HIV become more susceptible to other infections and they may get certain types of cancer that a healthy body would normally be able to fight off. This weakened immunity (or immune deficiency) is known as AIDS and can result in severe life-threatening infections, some forms of cancer, and the deterioration of the nervous system. Although AIDS is always the result of an HIV infection, not everyone with HIV has AIDS. In fact, adults who become infected with HIV may appear healthy for years before they get sick with AIDS.

What Are the Symptoms of HIV and AIDS?

Most people don't feel any different after they are infected with HIV. In fact, infected people often do not experience symptoms for years. Some people develop flu-like symptoms a few days to a few weeks after being infected, but these symptoms usually go away after several days.

An HIV-positive person will eventually begin to feel sick. The person might begin to have swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, fevers that come and go, infections in the mouth, diarrhea, or he or she might feel tired for no reason all of the time. Eventually, the virus can infect all of the body's organs, including the brain, making it hard for the person to think and remember things.

When a person's T cell count gets very low, the immune system is so weak that many different diseases and infections by other germs can develop. These can be life threatening. For example, people with AIDS often develop pneumonia (say: nu-mo-nyah), which causes bad coughing and breathing problems. Other infections can affect the eyes, the organs of the digestive system, the kidneys, the lungs, and the brain. Some people develop rare kinds of cancers of the skin or immune system.

HIV is not a rash virus it develops into AIDS which is an auto immunity deficiency syndrome(AIDS)

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