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HIV, STD, UTI ... or am i worried about nothing??

I have only had sex twice, the second time i had it (4 days ago) it was unprotected (im on the pill). Just yesterday i started to notice that my throat felt really swollen and hurts when i swollen. It still feels like that today. Only this morning I also had slight abdominal pain, and slight pain when i pee, i also felt like i had to pee alot but i didnt actually have to. I am also feeling tired...
If these symptoms go away within a couple of days should i just forget about it.. Or should i go to the doctor today??
Im really worried that I may have HIV, an STD, or just a UTI

Issy- No, it's not HIV would would take much longer than 2 days to be symptomatic. The same thing is true of syphilis and HPV and probably herpes. You didn't mention whether you engaged in any oral sex which might give you a sore throat, bu it's not likely to be an STD. Two concerns come to mind which deserve further attention. First you could have a Strep throat, especially if you have any fever or swollen neck glands. If so, you need to get a Rapid Strep-test Screen to see if you need prescription antibiotics. Second, your pain when you pee (urinate) and your increased frequency of urinating raise suspicion of one of 2 infections in your bladder or urinary tract. The one STD that could do that is gonorrhea which causes a yellow, pus-like discharge from your penis. The only is a common bladder infection which should be checked out by your doc with a rapid Urine Dipstick test to detect the bacteria and any pus cells. Untreated, a bladder infection could spread to the kidneys and cause damage. The test on a couple of drops of urine is fast and will tell the doctor whether you need a prescription for the appropriate antibiotic. Good luck. Do take care of yourself, without delay.

your sore down there because the dude thrusted in & out at an excellerated rate. your throat is sore from either oral sex or the constant breathing in & out during you know what. what you did carries a high chance of std, uti or hiv. what else can i say?

Unfortunately is is possible that you may have contracted an STD. There are some STDs that will give you "flu-like" symptoms and/or sore throat or swollen glands within a few days to 2 weeks. This is a reaction of your immune system to an infection but the type of infection could be of minor concern, significant, or very serious. I know you are concerned about HIV and it's true that AIDS symptoms don't show for several years-usually about 10- but the relatively minor symptoms you describe can alsso happen in the short time period. It's just that often people just pass it off as a minor "flu", cold or whatever. Then those symptoms go away and they forget about it. Having said that, many very minor infections can give you the symptoms you describe.

Time to say hello to your doctor!

You might have a UTI or an STD. Your sore throat could be the result of an STD or just a coincidence.

No, you should not just forget about the symptoms if they go away in a few days.

You should go to the doctor and get tested for STDs.

I don't want to lecture you but, having unprotected sex with someone whose STD status you do not know is not a smart thing to do. You will probably learn that you only have a UTI, but you could unlucky enough to learn that you have an STD.

If you are going to make the decision to have unprotected sex, you need to have a discussion with your partner about their sexual history and get them tested for STDs if they haven't had it done.

If you feel like you can't ask that person about their sexual history or to get tested, you shouldn't be having sex with them.

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