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Are flu like symptoms after unprotected sex a sign of HIV?

I was told that if you contracted HIV/AIDS from a person, you would start getting flu like symptoms like one to two days after intercourse. Is that true?

1 or 2 days is far fetched. Flu like sytomtioms are the side effect of HIV not the virus itself. With the weakened immune system you are exposed to more viruses and bacterium. A weakened immune system takes 6 months to 2
years. Not 1 or 2 days.

SOME people who contract HIV will experience flu-like symptons/general malaise a couple of weeks (not days) after exposure. However, it's my understanding that early HIV infection is completely asymptomatic in MOST people.

Of course, the only way to know for sure is to get tested. But when you go, tell 'em you want to be tested for everything because some other STDs also sometimes produce flu-like symptoms: Herpes, Hepatitus B, Syphillis (SOOOOO MANY young people are infected with syphillis and don't even know it!)

Good Luck!

Flu like symptoms after unprotected sex can be a symptom of an HIV infection . This is rare.
If you had unprotected sex , get your blood tested for Hiv.
The flu like symptoms may appear in about a week, and may be passed off as an ordinary flu.
But in some the appearance of symptoms get delayed by several years. But even then you remain infective to others from the beginning.
Do not get panicky. Get the blood checked

Flu like symptons are flu related.

ARS can develop at 2-4 weeks post exposure, but only about 50% of people who contract HIV experience ARS. I would never go by self diagnosis, you can get flu like symptons and have a number of things not HIV related. Did you have unprotected sex? If yes, then get tested, not based on your symptons, just based on your risk.

could be, but thats true for almost all STD's. About 5 days after I had sex with someone, I had horrible flu symptoms, my lymph nodes in my groins were swollen and i had the worst sore throat...the result...herpes.

its so much early its usually starting days to weeks and lasting 7-10 days , if u have unprotected sex get tested at 3 mo

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