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Is it possible to get symptoms like flu & fever by worrying about HIV but are not related to HIV

For example if somone just thinks too much about being infected with HIV and gets the HIV like symptoms such as flu fever and pains etc it doesnt necessarily mean they are related to HIV right? can it be a coicidence aswell the timing of these symptoms come after few weeks of HIV infection but have nothing to do with HIV?.

Is it possible to get these symtomes just by stress and worrying too much? thanks.

Yes you can make yourself sick. I've done it.

Your assessment is absolutely right. The only way you can tell if you are infected or not is to get tested. Symptoms mean nothing. Most of the time they are related to anxiety and stress. I know lots of people who thought they have all the possible HIV infection symptoms and they tested negative. Also some positive people do not show any symptoms. Those symptoms could be also related to other medical conditions.

So the bottom line is that the more you think, the more you get symptoms. If you were at risk of HIV, go and get tested. If not, forget about it and move on with your life.

I will not say it is not HIV, but, it is, apparently, possible to THINK yourself into a disease, by thinking about it constantly.
I tended to doubt this, and a psych that I once was seeing said that she did not think it was possible, but, at the same time, in a way, I am living proof that it is sort of possible. Years ago, I was terribly afraid of contracting MS, and often imagined how awful it would feel, but, I had no genetic disposition to this devastating illness, instead, I had a genetic link to stroke, and fibromyalgia, so I am now a sufferer of both those conditions which, combined have given me similar symptoms to MS.
But, it does sound like you have worked yourself up into a psychological state of panic, and depression, which can cause generalized pain & fatigue and a weakened immune system,

HIV is a virus and can only be contracted via direct contact with infected bodily fluids (blood, semen etc).

Worrying about HIV is not going to cause an infection. However, if you are worrying about getting HIV because you have had contact with an infected person you should get tested.

The signs of HIV conversion are actually very similar to glandular fever and often occur 2 weeks after the contact!

your brain is in control of your body,
and how you use it is up to you.
don't worry so much, if you are having
sexual relationships with several
different partners then yes, you
should be worrying and you should
go get tested! but if not then calm down.

herpes is another std that presents flu like symptoms, usually durring the first few out breaks.
herpes is not related and has nothing to do with hiv.
if your worried then get a test done for both hiv and herpes.

Stress can make a person physically ill.

no, not really, but you can be sick coincidentally.
here's an idea... go get a blood test

NO YOU HAVE HIV. Your pain and abd pain comes from worrying. You should not be taking part in activities that lead you to feel like this. Get tested, hope that your negative and learn from your mistake.
What you are doing to yourself is thinking about something to the point of having a psychosomatic reaction. Which is similar to the placebo effect. You are feeling sick because you are thinking you are sick.

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