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HIV symptoms but tested HIV negative...?

I had unprotected sex and oral sex about 3 weeks ago with somebody who I feel is HIV infected. I got tested for HIV and it showed HIV negative... but around a week ago (2 weeks after sexual exposure) I caught tonsiltiis.... and I still have it, and it is from a viral infection. I am not sure what to think but wait another 3 months to get tested? or is it not possible to have symptoms tested negative even though it hasn't been 3 months?

It takes up to 10 years to develop HIV--you would not have symptoms in 1 week post exposure --and if you were sooo fulminate you would have other more serious infections (not just a viral syndrome). That aside, it usually takes a while for HIV to become positive; so an initial negative could still become positive. Also, a single sexual contact (even with someone shedding tons of HIV virus) may/ not result in HIV in another person. Why do you feel the person is HIV anyway?? Have you had your throat cultured as well? What does a CBC show? The odds of you having something other than HIV is vastly more likely.

Your test at 3 weeks is too soon to detect antibodies. You need at least 6-8 weeks as almost all infected people test positive by this time. But even that has to be confirmed by 3 months conclusive test.

Symptoms mean nothing. They could be related to other medical conditions or due to anxiety. Most infected people do not even have symptoms. Yes, I have seen people who had all the possible symptoms and ended up testing negative.

Your chance of contracting HIV from the single episode that you described is slim. The chance of contracting HIV from unprotected vaginal sex is 1 to 1000 per single episode. This is considering that your partner is infected (and yours is probably not). So odds are on your favour but still you HAVE to get tested. That is the only way you can tell if you were infected or not.

Good luck. Always use condoms when you dont know the status of your partner.

It can take up to 3 months for the antibodies to show up on tests, and in extremely rare cases, it can take up to 6 months for them to show up on tests. You should get tested 3 months after possible exposure, then retested 3 months after that. Although some people have flu-like symptoms soon after infection, many people do not have any symptoms.

See your doctor about your symptoms, which are probably unrelated to HIV.

there are two screening test for HIV:
1. HIV antibody or HIV Ab - if this test was performed the you should be tested upon exposure then after every 6 mons there after till the next two years. cause it takes 6 mons to two years for the virus to be detected in your blood cause our body has to develop ANTIBODY after the introduction of Antigen - the HIV Virus in this case to be detected

2. HIV antigen or Ag - this is a new exam which is better and more accurate and specific to identify the HIV virus. cause after sex and your partner is HIV + and have your self tested after having all of these symptoms surely you'll be +.

think of it as your partner is HIV POSITIVE and Has the antigen and after transferring it tru you you will produce ANTIBODIES to combat it

Hope this helps

the thing about HIV is it is a viral infection and the symptoms can be the same for it or a cold/flu, or any other type of infection. The test requires that you body build up antibodies against the virus before they will show up in your blood work, going to get tested to soon is a waste, there is a reason for the timing of the test.

i think that it is possible. I was date raped and went to the doctor about a month after it happened. They ran an STD panel but told me to come back for the HIV test in two months (I did, and it was negative...but still, it sucks waiting!). you should definitely ask your doctor though to make sure..

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